Introduction from the Experts

Before the students were assigned to the task and joined a field trip in the terminal, it was crucial for them to grasp the concept of Eco- Smart Port from the experts. In this action plan, students were introduced to the concept of Eco-Smart Port in the maritime perspective from Indonesian and Dutch experts with diverse backgrounds. 

- Mr. Lukijanto from Ministry of Maritime and Investment Affairs, presenting the Indonesia Maritime Outlook and Integrated Port Network from the policy-maker perspective.

- Ms. Maria Kartika from Boskalis, also introducing Boskalis and its projects in Indonesia. The case study presented by Ms. Maria is the reclamation of Makassar New Port.

- Ms. Irene Bernike from Van Oord, introducing Van Oord and its projects in Indonesia and around the world. One of the projects presented in this presentation is the reclamation of Terminal Kalibaru itself.

- The Operation Division of Pelindo II presenting various business tenets of Pelindo II, from end-to-end digital services, cargo & vessel management, current expansion projects.

All presentations from the experts can be downloaded below.

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