Integrated Breakthrough for Kalibaru Terminal

Team 3 Integrated Breakthrough for Kalibaru Terminal

As an Eastern Asia hub, Port of Tanjung Priok needs to develop its existences holistically. We should pay close attention to the myriad problems. By problem analysis, we considered two parameters in abscissa and ordinate to decide the main problem. We propose two solutions that can be implemented to overcome the main problem i.e. "PICK ME app" and "Sustainable Fishing Area".

PICK ME app is created to overcome ineffective logistic supply chain and also minimize imbalance cargo, to reach the full capacity of ship and truck, and to minimize the quantity of the truck. Then, Sustainable Fishing Area would be a solution for the social problem, where we can help the affected fisherman area due to the infrastructure building around the fisherman's ship area. It also can lead to a new potential for the fisherman to expand the fishery products into other regions by utilizing the new route to CBL (Cikarang Bekasi Laut)/ Inland Waterway.

A comprehensive model of solutions brings up a big impact to a variety of scope sizes. From People to Planet, from Planet to earn some Profit.

This article and the ideas are collaborative work from participants during Port Academy 2020 by The Water Agency Indonesia.

Prepared and presented by:

Ibnu Haidar (Water Resources Engineering and Management, Bandung Institute of Technology)
Nicholas Hartono (Civil Engineering, Gadjah Mada University)
Antaliesta Cintya Nur Danastri (Ocean Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology)
Nadia Samiyah (Environmental Engineering, Diponegoro University)

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