It is part of us, 2/3 of us is water. - (pic) by Jong Marshes /

100% to 100%: stories about water - sanitation - hygiene project

There are good books that you can read about water sector, on how to manage water as conservation work, water pollution treatment, water and health, etc, as well as documentation about water related project management report. Long way before we have MDGs (Millenium Development Goals), then MDGs...
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Urban Sanitation Review: Indonesia Country Study

This country report on Indonesia provides the background for the Urban Sanitation Review for the East Asia and Pacific Region. The country report was prepared through a consultative process in Indonesia which included meetings with central and local government authorities, review of sanitation opera...
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South Asia Development

The Impact of Temperature and Precipitation Changes on Living Standards

The World Bank's regional flagship, South Asia's Hotspots: The Impact of Temperature and Precipitation Changes on Living Standards, brings forth new research on the impact of climate change in South Asia by analyzing how changes in average temperature and precipitation—referred to as "average weathe...
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Java Sea

Data assimilation experiments with hydrodynamic models: a Java Sea case

Author G.C. Markensteijn, M.Sc Abstract Floods are a big problem for Jakarta; the capital of Indonesia is subsiding below mean sea level and floods will become more frequent. Flood protection and measures against subsidence are, therefore, of high importance to Jakarta's government. One of the optio...
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Indonesia Water Assessment

Indonesia Country Water Assesment

This report is based on an Asian Development Bank Technical Assistance (TA) implemented by the National Development Planning Agency in Indonesia, and aimed to disseminate Technical Assistance outputs of the water sector assessment and recommendation for Indonesia to water resources practitioners in ...
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