Tanjung Priok, The Pioneer of Sustainable Port in Indonesia

Team 4 Tanjung Priok, The Pioneer of Sustainable Port in Indonesia

Tanjung Priok as the pioneer of the sustainable port in Indonesia will be needing 3 major aspects to be fulfilled, such as trade, tourism, and fisheries. The idea that we want to develop including optimizing the use of Tanjung Priok port as a place for cruises to berth and attracts the tourists to visit the heritage tourist attraction near the port, building green infrastructure inside the New Priok Container Terminal 2, and also empowering the local community by revitalizing the fisherman village in Cilincing.

Tanjung Priok has a lot of tourist destinations such as Sunda Kelapa Port, Kota Tua, and also Ancol Dreamland. Tanjung Priok, Jakarta is also one of the cruise's transit ports while entering Indonesia. While the tourist transit in Jakarta, they will have an itinerary to explore the heritage destinations near Tanjung Priok. It will benefit the local's economy from the tourist's activities. 

While utilizing the tourism sector, Tanjung Priok as a hub port for international trade will have a lot of works to build a green infrastructure inside the port. Specifically for the New Priok Container Terminal 2, investment of Solar Panels and Waste Water Treatment Plant will be major investments to establish the Tanjung Priok's status as a green port. It will create efficiency at the port's operational. 

When revitalizing the tourism and trade sector, local community empowerment near Tanjung Priok port will also be a part of the port's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). One of the villages near the port is Cilincing Fisherman Village and the program is educating the local community about waste management to keep hygiene in the port area. 

As the three major sectors near the port were revitalized, it will create sustainability in the port area. Besides for the port's cargo-related function, many ports also involved in other activities such as fishing, ferries, cruises and recreational activities (for example the Marina).

​This article and the ideas are collaborative work from participants during Port Academy 2020 by The Water Agency Indonesia.

Prepared and presented by:

Vanessa (Water Resources Engineering and Management, Bandung Institute of Technology)
Leon Tandela (Civil Engineering, Gadjah Mada University)
Fernaldi Gradiyanto (Civil Engineering, Diponegoro University)
Nadela Fitrizqy (Urban and Regional Planning, Gadjah Mada University)

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