UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2022: Concept Solutions


The Concept Solution

The final phase of the UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2022: Groundwater is the Final Presentation. All the teams are required to present their best concept solutions as well as to show the banner they have made. The outputs then will be scored by the juries to determine the winning team and also voted by audiences to vote the favorite team.

Amreta Dharani Team x Royal HaskoningDHV

Amreta Dharani has the vision "Toyane Roto Mili, Masyarakat Uripe Mukti" (in Javanese) which means equality in water distribution, and local community living happily. Through direct mentoring with Wika Ristya from Royal Haskoning DHV, the team that consists of Sadida, Arsy, Irwan, Rahmawati, and Imelia, proposed Toyo Ranger in Bale Toyo Program to achieve proper planning and water management.

Waterful Team x Universitas Gadjah Mada

Waterful Team which consists of Nailul, Abigail, Jesslyn, Sunan, and Irfan, as well as Tri Mulyani Sunarharum as the mentor from Universitas Gadjah Mada. The team's vision is "Praise Water with Joy" through the program of edu-tourism: to drive groundwater management and develop the existing sites to engage local business.

Tanah Air Team x Sembalun Permaculture

Tanah Air Team proposed the program of Naga Tirta and the vision of "Empowering the Youth of Purwosari in Recognizing the Biosphere Reserves Area and the Importance of Groundwater". During the challenge, the team – Hafidz, Catherine, Demas, Rahma, and Setia, got mentored by Gibran Tragari and Feby Hendola from Sembalun Permaculture.

Guppy Guppy Team x Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl

The team has the vision of "Preserving groundwater sustainability by reviving the Girimulyo village's resilience capacity as groundwater induction area" through the program of Argo Tirto. The program was proposed by Arriel, Kornellius, Dhyhan, Najmira, and Tegar, as well as Jelle Hendrik Terry as the mentor from Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl.

Alpha Team x IDEP Foundation

Alpha Team – Mufti, Tiara, Afiya, Luqman, and Anysah, with Putu Bawa and Marsha Himawan as the mentors from IDEP Foundation proposed the vision "Water for All: Handarveni, Hangrungkebi". The team worked and proposed solutions focusing on communal integration through (1) social customs, (2) water preparedness awareness, and (3) pipeline continuation and retention ponds.

 Aquam1an Team

Aquam1an team proposed an easy approach with a concept of "About - Amount – Act Out". Through their project, their objective is to educate the students while achieving governments' agendas. The team Cat Vy Huynh, Na Vo Thi, Nguyễn Nhật Thoại, Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh, Pham Thi Thu Trang, also proposed the detailed timeline of the project, budget, even the risk management plan.

Rainforest Team

The team consists of Bao Tram Nguyen, Đinh Thụy Giao, Dang Cong Phuc, Phuong Thao Tran-Annie, proposed the project that focuses on raising awareness and making the rain harvesting model building. By their ideas, they believe that they can educate more people and implement their rain harvesting project.

The Vicious Six Team

A unique concept was proposed by The Vicious Team, "Now You See Me" concept means that more people should know the visible impact of groundwater even though seems invisible. In the proposed project, the team – Dinh Dieu Linh, Dong Le Huyen, Vien Vinh Phat, Phung Thi Ha Thi, divide it into 3 zones (Virtual reality, Groundwater, and Humans in the Biosphere Reserve). In conclusion, they aims to raise the public's awareness of Dong Nai Biosphere Reserve and groundwater.

Bioera Team

Bioera Team – Bui Hai Van, Ho Thuy Nhat Ha, Huynh Ngoc Lam, Nguyễn Thảo Thục Trân, Trinh Tran Tieu Long, did several processes of identifying the problems in Biosphere Reserve until they got the project they want to propose. They make a training program with the objective of engaging people in protecting groundwater through art.

 Eternity Team

Eternity team proposed a concept solution to tackle the problem of groundwater in Biosphere Reserve by raising awareness among high school through educational activities. The teamNguyen Huu Thong, Nguyen Ly Kim Ngan, Nguyen Phuong Dung, Pham Thi Trang Nhung, Tran Minh Nhut, hope to realize the ambitions of making a huge impact on groundwater and biosphere reserves.

The Winner!

After all the teams and mentors have presented their ideas and solutions for water resiliency in Merapi – MerbabuMenoreh Biosphere Reserve and Dong Nai Biosphere Reserve, the juries went to the designated break-out room to assess the team's score (from the checkpoint until the final presentation). The winning team was finally determined.

The winning team of UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2022 is...

THE ALPHA TEAM from Indonesia and THE AQUAM1AN TEAM from Vietnam

The Alpha Team successfully convinced the juries to recognize their creative approach, which was part of a larger package that included a coherent problem identification, solution, project timeline, and finance scheme. They also became the favorite team in this challenge by receiving the most social media likes on Instagram. Special thanks to IDEP Foundation: Putu Bawa and Marsha Himawan for excellently assisting and mentoring the Alpha Team for over a month. Alpha Team and the IDEP Foundation deserve sincere appreciation!

The Aquam1an Team also successfully showed excellent team performance not only on the final presentation but also since the first presentation. The team showed outstanding teamwork, and it shows in their thinking process, problem identification, the team's vision, and they offered concept solutions. Congratulations Aquam1an Team, you deserves to be the winner! 

Author: The Water Agency

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