Water and Circular Economy: A White Paper

Water-and-Circular-Economy Water and Circular Economy

Source: ARUP, AnteaGroup and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation 
Date: October 2018

Water systems intersect with all sections of society and industry and opportunities exist in these interfaces to create additional value by application of Circular Economy principles.

This white paper postulates the theoretical basis that can be used to develop a framework to identify such opportunities for application of circular economy principles to water systems and incorporate sustainable water management principles in the circular economy initiatives in other sectors.

The paper explores the relationship between the principles of Circular Economy and Sustainable Water Management and establishes a common language that will enable effective communication between Circular Economy and Water Management practitioners.

These presented concepts have been peer reviewed and accepted by a working group of professionals from industry, academia and water utilities.

"Do unto those downstream as you would have those upstream do unto you."

by Wendell Berry

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