13,843 Houses Inundated by Floods in South Bandung

13843-Houses-Inundated-by-Floods-in-South-Bandung Illustration of flooding in South Bandung. (ANTARA FOTO / Raisan Al Farisi)

Source: CNN Indonesia
Date: 18 February 2020

Bandung, CNN Indonesia - Torrential rains have submerged thousands of houses in South Bandung in recent days in the Citarum River basin. The flood in Bandung Regency covered three sub-districts, namely Dayeuhkolot District, Baleendah District, and Bojongsoang District.

Data from the Bandung Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) on Monday (17/2) at 23:00 West Indonesia Time until Tuesday (18/2) morning, puddles still hit three sub-districts with heights ranging from 10-170 cm.

Head of Emergency and Logistics Division of BPBD Bandung Enjang Wahyudin said the number of houses submerged by flooding in Dayeuhkolot District reached 2,593 units. In addition to houses, eight places of worship and two schools were affected by the flood.

"While in Baleendah District the number of houses submerged reached 10,800 units, 67 places of worship and 45 schools," he said through written statements.

In Bojongsoang District, floods inundated 450 houses. The total flood affected in Bandung District reached 13,843 houses.

In the three districts, continued Enjang, hundreds of people were forced to flee. In Dayeuhkolot District, there are 3,832 households (KK) or 12,633 people affected by floods.

Of that number, as many as 71 families or 205 people were forced to flee to some places. Among them are PLN Citeureup Village, Ash-shopia Mosque, Martadinata Mosque, Dayeuhkolot Village Hall and the local RW office.

Meanwhile, in Baleendah District, as many as 21,402 families or 71,153 people were affected by floods that spread in Andir and Baleendah villages. As many as 69 families or 200 people were displaced.

As for Bojongsoang District, floods affected 7,045 HHs or 20,850 people with 2 HHs or 12 people displaced in the Tanggo Bojongsoang Warehouse.

BPBD also informed that the Andir-Katapang Road was still flooded with a height of 10-140 cm, Dayeuhkolot Highway in front of the Metro with a water level of 10-40 cm.

Then, the Baleendah-Dayeuhkolot Highway is inundated by 30 cm high, but can still be passed by two and four wheels vehicles. Likewise with the Banjaran-Dayeuhkolot Highway the water level of 20 cm can be passed by vehicles.

"Until now, BPBD personnel continue to carry out rapid assessments and coordinate with local authorities," Enjang said.

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