​Source: The Jakarta Post
Date: 25 February 2020

Flooding on thoroughfares of the capital and major roads in satellite cities has disrupted operations of at least 20,000 trucks in Greater Jakarta.

The deputy chairman of the Indonesian Trucks Business Association (Aprtindo), Kyatmaja Lookman, said the association's members operated 20,000 trucks a day to and from Tanjung Priok Port in North Jakarta, and on Tuesday the trucks could not hit the road because of widespread flooding.

"Usually, floods do not reach the Cakung-Cilincing and Marunda toll road," he said, referring to one of the primary arteries connecting the city with the country's biggest ports.

"I haven't got detailed reports from the members, but typically, there are about 20,000 trucks belonging to our members moving to and from Tanjung Priok each day," he told The Jakarta Post. "If we include trucks operating across Jakarta, the number could be higher," he said.

He estimated that the loss borne by the members could reach Rp 30 billion a day (US$2.15 million). That calculation, he said, did not include losses from possible damage to the goods.

Kyatmaja said he had received reports that some truck depots were inundated. Should flooding damage truck engines, the loss could be Rp 20 million to Rp 30 million per unit, he went on.