Source: detikcom

The Rembang Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) noted that there were as many as 20 villages that experienced drought, in the dry season this year. 20 Villages are spread in 9 Sub-districts throughout Rembang Regency.

The head of the Rembang BPBD, Purwadi Samsi said, the number of drought villages was obtained from the number of villages applying for clean water supply assistance at the Rembang BPBD office.

"The number has now reached 20 villages scattered in 9 sub-districts. Yes, we discharge clean water to the villages regularly and scheduled," Purwadi explained, when confirmed on Thursday (8/16/18).

The 20 villages included Sambong Village, Dadapan, Lemah Putih Sedan District. Sumber Village, Ronggomulyo, Pelemsari, Kedungtulub and Sumber District. Woro and Sumbergayam Villages, Kragan District.

Gunungsari, and Banggi villages, Kaliori district. Warugunung Village and Jukung Bulu District, Kajar Village and Sambongpayak Gunem District. Pedak and Pranti Villages, Sulang Subdistrict, Pasar Banggi Village, Sub-District, and Selopuro Village, Lasem District.

"The district with the most extensive damage was Sumber Subdistrict. There were 4 villages that experienced drought. We supply 2 villages each," he explained.

Of this total, there were 6,654 households who were affected by drought, with a total of 16,592 people.

"Most of the residents (affected by drought) in the Village of Dadapan, Sedan. There are 645 households with 1,935 people lives inside it. While the least in the village of Kajar Gunem, there are only 20 families with 100 people," he concluded.