2023, Wonosobo Builds 2,542 Connections for Residents' Clean Water Access

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Date: April 5, 2022

WONOSOBO – By 2023, the Wonosobo Regency Government is targeting the installation of clean water access installations to as many as 2,542 residents' homes. That way, the target of access to drinking water and sanitation of 140 percent can be achieved.

This was conveyed by the Wonosobo Regency Public Works and Spatial Planning Office, Nurudin Ardianto, in his office, at the Hibah Cooperation Agreement and Regional Manuscripts (NPHD) for DAK Drinking Water, Sanitation, and Local Wastewater Grants 2022 activities, recently.

He added that in order to meet the achievement target, the obstacle would be to reduce 32 field facilitators in 40 villages throughout Wonosobo.

"Last year's target was achieved for drinking water at 136.71 percent, while sanitation reached 138 percent. With the deployment of 32 field facilitators in 40 villages, by 2023 it is targeted to reach 140 percent," he said.

This activity, said Nurudin, is one of the efforts of the Wonosobo Regency Government (Pemkab) in handling cases of extreme poverty that hit 25 villages in Wonosobo. According to him, the aspect of poor sanitation is one of the factors causing cases of extreme poverty.

He advised that activities to provide access to drinking water and sanitation should not only focus on the infrastructure aspect, but also on the lifestyle of the community.

"Drinking water and sanitation activities should not just stop with their physical activities but must continue so that they have an impact on sustainable aspects of social engineering and infrastructure. I emphasize the organizational structure as well as more services in managing sanitation in Wonosobo," he added.

Similarly, the Head of the Wonosobo Health Service, Mohammad Riyatno, said that the sanitation conditions in Wonosobo have not yet led to safe sanitation, but are still at the basic level of sanitation. Therefore, the government will work hard to achieve access to drinking water and good sanitation.

"Nationally, the target is 100 percent, in Central Java, the target for 2023 is 100 percent. My hope is that people can get clean drinking water easily so that it will improve their quality of life," he wrote.

Source link: https://jatengprov.go.id/beritadaerah/2023-wonosobo-bangun-2-542-sambungan-akses-air-bersih-warga/

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