298 hectares of Rice Fields in Kudus Were Flooded

petani-memanen-tanaman-padi-yang-terendam-banjir-di-persawahan_201103143750-820 Farmers walk in the middle of a flooded paddy field (Photo by: Antara).

The Agriculture and Food Agency of Kudus Regency, Central Java, noted that the paddy fields which were flooded since the start of the first planting season in 2022 reached 298 hectares.

"Hundreds of hectares of rice plants which were flooded were spread across three villages, namely Lambangan, Wonosoco and Berugenjang Villages in Undaan District," said the Head of the Food Crops and Plantation Division of the Kudus Agriculture and Food Agency, Dewi Masitoh, Friday (25/11).

He revealed that the flood-affected land in Lambangan Village covered 127 hectares of the total planted area, then 97 hectares were inundated in Wonosoco Village, and 74 hectares were inundated in Berugenjang Village. The age of the plants, he added, was different because the majority had only started planting in early November 2022, so they were estimated to be between a week and 12 days old.

"As soon as they found out the plant seeds were damaged because they had been inundated for too long, the farmers immediately replaced them," he said.

He estimates that data on flooded land will develop because now the intensity of rainfall is starting to increase. Paddy fields that were inundated by floods, he said, were indeed in flood-prone areas because they were in the lowlands.

For now, he added, the area that starts the planting season is in the Undaan area, while other areas that are also frequently hit by floods are in the Mejobo District area. In an effort to overcome the puddles, the Kudus Agriculture and Food Agency has prepared a water suction machine so that the puddles can be reduced immediately so that farmers can start planting. Farmers are also invited to take part in the Asuransi Usaha Tani Padi (AUTP)/ Rice Farming Business Insurance program, so they don't need to worry because they will get compensation claims. 

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