4 Villages in Aceh, Tamiang, are Facing Clean Water Crisis


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A ​total of 2,831 households (Head of Households) in four villages at Tamiang Hulu sub-district, Aceh, are experiencing a clean water crisis due to the lack of water resources and scarce rain.

Head of Aceh Tamiang Disaster Mitigation Agency (Badan Penanggulangan Bencana/BPBD), Syamsul Bahri, said the four villages that experienced a clean water crisis were Wonosari village, Harum Sari village, Bandar Setia village and Pulau Tiga village, all of them are located in Tamiang Hulu district. Local authorities have fielded potable water trucks on the street to help residents.

"Our water resource is supplied using four units of potable water truck since yesterday, we also provide water shelter for people to access," Syamsul said when contacted on Friday (23/2/2018).

The drought has been happening since a few days ago due to scarce rain since a month ago, and no source of clean water. Residents have been drilling groundwater well to no effect.

"We have yet to find any source for clean water, one of the solutions is to build a State Water Authority (Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum/PDAM) pipeline network, it should be installed this year by Public Works Department,"

The clean water crisis there has been happening since a few years ago. As a result, paddy fields and residential plantations are threatened to fail.

Village Chief of Bandar Setia, Jamaluddin, said, residents in his village has tried several times to drill groundwater wells to no effect, even though it had been drilled within a depth of tens of meters. For temporary solutions, residents dig small wells in rubber and oil palm plantations to collect rainwater.

"Two weeks of scarce rain will immediately dry the wells" said Jamaluddin.

According to him, District Government​ of Aceh Tamiang has installed PDAM pipeline network in villages experiencing clean water crisis. But it has yet to operate. "We've been waiting for two years, and still no water supply from PDAM," Jamaluddin said.

Villages with clean water crisis in Aceh Tamiang are:

1. Wono Sari village with total of 532 families, comprised of:

- Rejo Sari village ​with total of 120 families

- Rejo Dadi village ​with total of 110 families

- Rejo Mulyo village ​with total of 302 families

2. Harum Sari village with total of 577 families, comprised of:

- Mawar village with total of 295 families

- Cempaka village with total of 282 families

3. Setia village with​ total of 315 families

4. Pulau Tiga plantation village with as many as 957 families.

Source Link (Indonesian): https://news.detik.com/berita/d-3882671/4-desa-di-aceh-tamiang-krisis-air-bersih?_ga=2.83590098.593175875.1522987544-215799683.1519587383

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