7 Organizations Fighting to Save Our Oceans

The ocean, one of the most diverse places on the earth, is under threat for a quite long time. Luckily, there are organizations working on both a public and political level to save our oceans.

These organizations, through projects and activities, are involved in protecting the ocean from all harm and also try to restore vibrant marine life. Here are 7 organizations that are working hard to make sure that oceans remain healthy and beautiful.

1. CarbonEthics (carbonethics.org)

2. 4ocean (4ocean.com)

3. Sungai Watch (sungai.watch)

4. EcoNusa Foundation (econusa.id)

5. #SeaSoldier (seasoldier.org)

6. Divers Clean Action (diverscleanaction.org)

7. Indonesian Ocean Pride (indonesianoceanpride.org)

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