As Host of the 144th IPU Session, the Indonesian House of Representatives Will Promote Climate Change Issues

62284c6072623 Head of the Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Bureau and International Organizations Secretariat General of the Indonesian House of Representatives Endah Tjahjani Dwirini Retnoastuti during an online conversation on the Instagram account channel @edukasiparlemen, Monday (7/3/2022). This online discussion was quoted by Parliamentarians on Tuesday (8/3/2022). Photo by: Kompas

Source: KOMPAS
Date: March 10, 2022 – The Head of the Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Bureau and the International Organization of the Secretariat General of the House of Representatives (DPR) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) Endah Tjahjani Dwirini Retnoastuti said that his party would host the 144th IPU Assembly and Meeting.

Endah explained that the trial will be held in Nusa Dua, Bali, Sunday-Thursday, March 20-24, 2022. For four days, the session will commit to implementing an agenda that favours nature or the so-called "Green Agenda". According to him, the choice of the theme is in line with the theme of the 144th IPU, namely "Getting to Zero Mobilizing Parliament to Act on Climate Change". 

"Because according to the theme of the 144th IPU, we will also hold several activities related to the Green Agenda," he explained during an online chat on the @edukasiparlemen Instagram account channel, Monday (7/3/2022), quoted by from dpr.go. en, Wednesday (9/3/2022). 

Endah gave an example, at this IPU, his party will invite social activists named Melati and Isabel Wijsen for their contribution for six years in making a move to reduce the world's plastic waste through the 'Bye-Bye Plastic Bag' movement.

According to him, the two brothers from Bali have actively mobilized the masses by not using single-use plastic. They now have 50 teams spread all over the world. He said they were often invited to various international conferences. Therefore, the DPR RI invited them to represent Indonesian youth to talk about the Green Agenda at the 144th IPU. 

"This jasmine will be side by side with world figures, and that is very proud for Indonesia," he said. 

Endah added, during the implementation of the IPU, the mobility of delegates from various countries will also be reduced because they produce carbon emissions, for example from the use of buses. For that, the delegates will be encouraged to walk more to enjoy the air in Bali.

"We will also reduce the use of paper massively. So we developed an application that we call the IPU Event App. During the trial, all information is no longer on paper as long as it is needed because it is already in the application," he said. 

Previously, the Secretary General of the DPR RI, Indra Iskandar, said the number of participants who would attend the 144th IPU was around 1500 people. "The last meeting in Madrid was attended by 1200 people, consisting of 179 countries or parliamentarians and their delegations," he said. 

Indra said, as of Wednesday (2/3/2022) evening, delegates from 87 countries had confirmed their potential to attend. "Of course this is related to how we handle our implementation and health protocols, so they make sure the journey from their respective countries to Bali is not too complicated," he explained in Bali. 

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