4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit, Bilateral Meeting on Strengthening Infrastructure Cooperation between Japan and Indonesia

PUPR PUPR RI Minister Basuki Hadimuljono during a bilateral meeting with the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism of Japan Tetsuo Saito, Saturday (4/23/2022). Photo by: Public Communication Bureau of the Ministry of PUPR RI

Date: April 28, 2022

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA-On the first day in Kumamoto, Japan, Minister of PUPR RI Basuki Hadimuljono held a Japanese-Indonesian bilateral meeting with the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Japanese Tourism Tetsuo Saito, Saturday (4/23/2022).

Minister Basuki said that the Indonesian government wanted to strengthen infrastructure cooperation with the Japanese government, especially in the field of water resources (SDA) through the construction of dams and technology for disaster management and climate change. So far, various collaborations have been held between the two countries related to natural resource technology.

The Ministry of PUPR RI is currently building 61 dams, of which 29 have been completed.

"The Japanese government has provided assistance by presenting dam experts to become an advisor of the Minister of PUPR. We still need the help of the dam experts so we hope that cooperation can be extended, "said Minister Basuki.

Minister Basuki also said that currently, the Ministry of PUPR RI is conducting an evaluation for the optimization and rehabilitation of dams led by Dr. Arie Setiadi Moerwanto, to add to the doors of dams in the context of flood management.

"This is in line with what was conveyed by the Japanese Prime Minister that one of the adaptations of climate change can be done by optimizing and rehabilitating existing dams," he said.

In addition, Minister Basuki said that in the future there will be two things that will be carried out by the Ministry of PUPR RI. First is, the Development of the Capital Capital (IKN). The Ministry of Public Works and Technology and Public Works and the Supervision Consultation from Japan with the aim of improving the quality of buildings in IKN.

Furthermore, the priority program for rehabilitation and conservation of 15 lakes. The Ministry of PUPR wants to coordinate the program with the restoration of Lake Biwa which is being carried out by the Japanese government.

"I see we have the same problem as in the Lake Biwa Restoration case, namely the change in land use from the lake to agricultural land, so we want to coordinate further related to the rehabilitation and conservation of the lake," said Minister Basuki.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism of Japan Tetsuo Saito said that he wanted to work together further related to the upgrading of the management of the Kedungombo Dam, Citarum Dam, Sutami Dam, and Bili-Bili Dam.

Minister Tetsuo also said that currently the Japanese government issued a new law related to the control of Banijr and wanted to conduct discussions with the Indonesian government regarding the implementation of the law.

"Japan will also consider sending experts in order to gather information related to IKN planning and hope that there will be sharing knowledge with the Indonesian government. We hope that the transfer of IKN can run smoothly, "he said during the Japanese-Indonesian bilateral meeting.

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