Cianjur Earthquake Victims Have Difficulty Accessing Clean Water


On Monday (28/11), the victims of the earthquake in Cianjur, West Java had reached 314 people, while a number of evacuees were still reported to be lacking their daily needs. After the earthquake in Cianjur, West Java on Monday (21/11/2022), a number of residents were still seeking refuge in shelters provided by the local government. From the latest information at one of the independent evacuation posts in Bumiwangi Village, Cianjur Kota Subdistrict, it can be seen that some of the refugees visited their respective homes to monitor the condition of their homes and belongings to be brought to the evacuation tents.

A number of logistical aids have also been continuously distributed by the TNI, Polri and various parties to areas where assistance has yet to be received, especially in the Cipinang District and outside the Cugenang District. However, the victims of the Cianjur earthquake who are being evacuated complain about the very minimal condition of clean water. Not only that, the refugees also lacked clothes for adults and children.

Meanwhile, shifted to the location of one of the points in the search for victims, namely at the Sate Shinta stall. The process of searching for earthquake victims is still continuing in this location area, to be precise on Jalan Lintas Cianjur, Puncak. Previously, the joint SAR team targeted the search process to be completed yesterday. However, due to heavy rains accompanied by deteriorating weather, the joint SAR team was hampered in continuing the process of searching for the earthquake victims. So the process of searching for earthquake victims only lasted half a day. The focus point of the search process today is the area of Cicadas Village and Cijedil Village because according to the report there are still 9 missing residents in the area. 

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