Ciburuy Lake in Padalarang Polluted with Industrial Waste

62d173bc90e64 The rice fields are submerged in black water as a result of the pollution in Ciburuy Lake. ( Puji Panuntun)

The water in Ciburuy Lake, Padalarang, West Bandung Regency (KBB) has turned black and smells really bad. It is suspected that it was polluted by industrial waste in the surrounding area. Residents of the four RWs complained about this condition, namely RW 7, 8, 13, and 14. The unpleasant smell is now getting thicker, especially at night.

A member of the Padalarang Koramil, Sergeant Saiful Dani, said that the cause of the water pollution in Situ Ciburuy was allegedly from a brick factory and from the process of washing used waste sacks by people in the environment.

"The assumption is that the waste from the brick factory and used industrial waste sacks were bought again by the people here, then washed. Now the water flows and pollutes Ciburuy Lake," said Saiful to reporters, Friday (15/7/2022).

Saiful said his party had coordinated with RT and RW administrators, community leaders, village officials, and the KBB Environmental Service (DLH) to follow up on Situ Ciburuy pollution which had a bad impact on local residents. Saiful said that the pollution in Situ Ciburuy had actually been going on for decades. However, based on the recognition of local residents, this time the pollution was the worst.

His party requested that the West Bandung Regency Government through DLH play an active role in overcoming the pollution in Situ Ciburuy which has a negative impact on the residents and the artificial lake ecosystem itself. Meanwhile, the Head of the Pollution and Environmental Damage Control (P2KL) Division at the KBB DLH, Idad Saadudin, said that he had sent a team to follow up on the alleged waste pollution in Situ Ciburuy. 

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