Coronavirus: Two Indonesians are positive of Covid-19, "no cessation of activity" in Depok, said the Minister of Health

Corona-1 (Illustration photo) An officer wearing full protective clothing when preparing to welcome the crew of the Diamond Princess cruise ship that was declared negative of the coronavirus at Kertajati Airport, Majalengka Regency, West Java, Sunday (01/03). ANTARA FOTO/MUHAMMAD ADIMAJA

​Source: BBC Indonesia
Date: 2 March 2020

The Minister of Health, Terawan Agus Putranto, said two Indonesian citizens in Depok, West Java, were positively infected by the coronavirus alias Covid-19 and in "good condition". He stressed that the government would not isolate or stop activities in Depok as the Chinese government did in Wuhan - the city where the Covid-19 outbreak originated.

"There is no cessation of activities that involve many people, no. Let's be rational, stopping the activity? We can't stop the activities in the whole of Indonesia. No, we will not," Terawan said at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, Monday (2/3).

From the State Palace, Terawan then drove to Sulianti Saroso Infection Center Hospital, Jakarta, where both Indonesian citizens were treated.

"I have visited, the patients are in good condition. There is no fever, no shortness of breath. In my opinion, both are healthy, just coughing a little," Terawan told reporters.

At the hospital, the two Indonesian citizens were in separate isolation rooms with other patients.

Terawan asserted, the Health Office and the Ministry of Health made prevention efforts following the procedures agreed with WHO. "Nothing has been missed," he said.

The two Indonesian citizens, said Terawan, resided in the Depok area, West Java.

They are the first Indonesian citizens who contracted Covid-19 in Indonesia.

Previously, on Monday (02/03), President Joko Widodo stated that there were two Indonesian citizens positively infected by the new coronavirus alias Covid-19.

According to Jokowi, the two Indonesian citizens had contact with a Japanese citizen who was detected with coronavirus after leaving Indonesia and arriving in Malaysia.

"The Japanese who visited Indonesia was traced and found. It turns out that the person affected by the coronavirus is related to two people, a 64-year-old mother, and her 31-year-old daughter," Jokowi said.

"I checked and this morning got a report from the Minister of Health that the mother and daughter were positively infected with corona," he added.

​(Illustration photo) Officers wearing full protective clothing when preparing to welcome the crew of the Diamond Princess cruise ship that was declared negative of the coronavirus at Kertajati Airport, Majalengka Regency, West Java, Sunday (01/03). ANTARA FOTO/MUHAMMAD ADIMAJA

Beginning of the transmission

In his presentation at the Sulianti Saroso Infection Center Hospital, Jakarta, Minister of Health Terawan revealed that one of the infected Indonesian citizens was a dance teacher.

On February 14, she attended a dance event that was attended also by a Japanese citizen from Malaysia. When that Japanese citizen returned to Malaysia, he tested positive for Covid-19 and was treated in Malaysia.

Two days later, according to the Minister of Health Terawan, the Indonesian citizens were coughing and being treated at the hospital.

"On the 26th [February] she asked to be treated, with a fever. Treated on the 28th. She was called by her Japanese dance partner, telling that he was treated in Malaysia, positive of Corona. He told [Indonesian Citizens] that he was treated under monitoring. The doctors at the hospital have prepared themselves. [She] is considered a patient in monitoring, "said Minister of Health Terawan.

Both Indonesian citizens were then referred to Sulianti Saroso Infection Center Hospital, Jakarta.

Asked whether the government had tracked residents around the house of the two Indonesian citizens and whoever came in contact with them, Menkes Terawan claimed surveillance had been carried out.

"Tracking was carried out while she was still under surveillance ... who was contacted, house, hospital. We check and are alert. But not all that contacted them are sick or positive corona, depending on the immune system," explained Minister of Health Terawan.

At the State Palace on Monday (02/03), Minister of Health Terawan said his team had isolated the house of the two Indonesian citizens.

"They were infected in their house, their house is in Depok. Their house was checked, both mother and her child. They have undergone house isolation," Terawan said when asked by reporters about the house of the infected Indonesian citizens.

This is the first time there have been people infected with Covid-19 in Indonesia.

Previously several Indonesian citizens were infected by Covid-19, but they were all abroad. For example, a woman from Indonesia that was working in Singapore has later recovered.

Then nine Indonesians who contracted Covid-19 while working as crews of the Diamond Princess cruises.

Map of the coronavirus, global spread as of March 2, 2020

Maps are based on WHO periodic data and may not reflect current data for each country.

Total confirmed case: 87,163
Total death: 2,980

Source: World Health Organisation
Updated on 2/3/2020 11.30.00 Western Indonesia Time

The spread of the corona virus in the world

Red Line - China
Blue Line - World (except China)
First graph: Confirmed cases
Second graph: Death

Source: WHO (per 2 March 2020, 11.30 Western Indonesia Time)

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