​Source: Jatimnow
Date: 14 April 2020

Heavy rains that flushed many areas caused Welang River water discharge in Tambakrejo Village, Kraton District, Pasuruan Regency to overflow. The highway or the Pasuruan North Coast (Pantura) Road was flooded.

"All vehicles cannot cross, because the overflow water from the Welang River inundates the highway as high as an adult's thigh," explained Pasuruan City Traffic Police Head, AKP Achmadi, Tuesday (4/14/2020).

​The Pasuruan Pantura Road is flooded

The paralysed Pasuruan Pantura Road made the flow of vehicles heading for Surabaya-Banyuwangi or vice versa diverted. All 4-wheeled vehicles, trucks and trailers were directed to enter the toll road. The motorbike was diverted across the southern lane or to turn around at Simpang Tiga Purwosari.

"We have rerouted traffic. Vehicles that can pass are only large-sized vehicles, with a close-by destination," he said.

Achmadi explained, the obstacle of the Pantura Road due to the overflowing of the Welang River began at midnight. But until 08:30 WIB it is still not receding.

"The overflow began at 23:00 WIB Monday (4/13/2020). Until now there have been no signs of receding," he concluded.