Flooding in Natuna, Thousands of People Affected

WhatsApp-Image-2022-12-14-at-15.26.35-e1671006962865 Floods hit residents' settlements in Ranai Darat Sub-District, Natuna on Wednesday (15/12) (Photo by: Antara).

The flood submerged the Natuna Regency, Riau Islands. The water level in several areas on Ranai Island, Natuna, reached 1,9 meters. The flood submerged Natuna due to the heavy rainfall since Wednesday (14/12). Flood heights in Natuna ranged from 30 cm to 1,9 meters. The height of almost two meters is in the Ranai Darat village, Bunguran Timur. Data from the Riau Islands BPBD at least 880 houses were flooded in the East Bunguran District, Natuna.

Meanwhile, the Head of BPBD Natuna Regency, Raja Darmika, said that because of the flooding in the two sub-districts on Ranai Island, Natuna, there were at least a thousand people victims.

"East Bunguran District has 207 households equipped with a total of 996 people with a distribution of 320 people in Ranai Village, 221 people in Ranai Darat Village, 55 Bandarsyah Village and 400 people in Batu Hitam Village," he said.

BMKG data estimates for the Natuna Regency area on Thursday (15/12/2022) are expected to have medium to heavy rain accompanied by lightning during the day. Wind conditions are expected to reach 20 kilometres per hour. In addition to medium to heavy rain and wind in the Natuna area, sea waves are also relatively high, reaching up to 4 meters.

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