Flooding in Tanah Laut affecting 1,312 residents: BNPB

banjir-lumpuh Photo by: ANTARA/Bayu Pratama

Source: ANTARA
Date: March 9, 2022

 Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) reported that 1,312 people from 428 families were affected by flooding in Tanah Laut District, South Kalimantan Province, Tuesday.

Acting Head of the Disaster Data, Information, and Communication Center of BNPB Abdul Muhari stated that flooding was caused by high-intensity rains lashing the area from morning to evening on March 7.

"The Tanah Laut District Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) noted that the flood-affected areas included three villages in three sub-districts," Muhari revealed.

The floods hit Batu Tungku Village in Panyipatan Sub-district, Ambungan Village in Pelaihari Sub-district, and Ranggang Village in Takisung Sub-district.

"As many as 412 residents' houses were flooded," he noted.

According to Muhari, no reports of casualties had been received, and data was still being collected on the extent of flood-induced losses.

In a bid to accelerate the handling of floods, a joint team from BPBD Tanah Laut District, National Police (Polri), Indonesia Defense Forces (TNI), cross-related agencies, the community, and volunteers arrived at the location to conduct rapid assessment and monitoring, gather additional data, establish a public kitchen, and assist in evacuating residents as well as ensuring their safety, Muhari remarked.

The Tanah Laut District area can still likely receive rains of light to moderate intensity until March 10, according to weather forecast information from the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG).

To this end, the BNPB appeals to all components of regional policymakers and the community to take precautionary measures against disaster that
likely be triggered by weather factors.

Muhari also pressed for efforts, such as monitoring and managing the River Basin Area (DAS); cleaning garbage and other materials that can clog water flow; tracking the condition of embankments, roads, and bridges; and keeping a check on water discharge during heavy rains.

As a preparatory measure against the disaster, the community along the river is being urged to evacuate temporarily in the event of continuous, high-intensity rains for over an hour. The community must also be heedful of the river discharge conditions and avoid steep slopes with minimum vegetation.

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