Floods and landslides hit 64 points in Sukabumi City, West Java

Floods and landslides hit 64 points in Sukabumi City, West Java Red Cross Indonesia, Sukabumi City personnel are in the middle of normalizing drainage on Jalan Arif Rahman Hakim, Warudoyong District, Sukabumi City, West Java which was clogged and caused a flood disaster when heavy rains lashed Sukabumi City, West Java, Thursday (17/2/2022). Photo by: ANTARA/Aditya Rohman/aa.

Source: ANTARA
Date: February 18, 2022

Sukabumi, West Java (ANTARA) - Heavy rains that flushed Sukabumi City, West Java, on Thursday, triggered floods and landslides at 64 points according to data from the local Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) and is still being handled by joint officers.

"Of the dozens of disaster locations, the flood disaster occurred in 55 points, the rest were landslides and collapsed houses," said Sukabumi City BPBD Chief Executive Imran Wardani in Sukabumi, Thursday.

Monitoring at the disaster site, several roads in Sukabumi City such as around Jembatan Merah, Baros District, traffic flow was paralyzed because roads were flooded due to overflowing rivers that are around the highway that connects the City and Sukabumi Regency areas.

In different locations, such as several points in Cibeureum and Cikole sub-districts, floods not only submerged a number of residents' houses, but also madrasa buildings and public facilities. In fact, three residents at SD Sudajayahilir, Sudajayahilir Village, Baros Sub-district were caught in the flood.

Not only that, data from the Sukabumi City BPBD, two houses collapsed in Tipar Village, Citamiang District due to being affected by the landslide disaster and many other educational facilities, public facilities, residents' houses and others affected by the disaster.

According to Imran, until Thursday night, his party was still collecting data on the number of damaged and affected buildings, but currently, the flooding has started to recede at some points because the rain has stopped.

He continued, the flood disaster that occurred in Sukabumi City was due to the lack of functioning of water channels or drainage due to the accumulation of garbage that was disposed of carelessly, as well as silting and narrowing of river flows which also triggered floods.

"For the dead and injured, data collection is still being done. In handling this disaster, we are also assisted by officers from elements of the TNI, Polri and various volunteer communities and humanitarian institutions such as the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) in Sukabumi City," he added.

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