Floods Hit Bandung Regency, Submerged Thousands of Houses

banjir-luapan-sungai-citarum-2_169 Residents use boats to cross the floods that hit Bojongasih, Dayeuhkolot, Bandung Regency, West Java, Friday (25/12/2020). (ANTARA FOTO/RAISAN AL FARISI)

Source: CNN Indonesia
Date: May 25, 2021


Bandung, CNN Indonesia - Floods have hit four sub-districts in Bandung Regency, West Java, since Monday (25/6). As a result, dozens of families in South Bandung temporarily fled.

Based on the West Java Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Pusdalops report, floods in Bandung Regency include Dayeuhkolot District, Baleendah District, Bojongsoang District, and Margahayu District.

"Rain with light to heavy intensity in the area of Bandung Regency on Monday, May 24, 2021 from the afternoon until 04.00 WIB the rain was still falling. So that the flow of the tributaries that irrigate the Citarum River overflowed," said Deputy Manager of Pusdalops BPBD West Java, Hadi Rahmat, detailing the flood causes.

Based on the development of the water level (TMA) Dayeuhkolot Citarum Graph on May 25, 2021, there was an increase in the TMA at night. Meanwhile, for the Citarum River water discharge in the Dayeuhkolot area for this morning, there has been a decrease.

Hadi said the flooding in Dayeuhkolot District had an impact on several roads. Among them, Jalan Raya Ciparay-Dayeuhkolot, which conditions cannot be passed by motorists.

Then, on Jalan Andir-Katapang TMA it reaches 150 cm, Jalan Raya in front of Metro (50 cm), and Jalan Cigebar-Cijagra (80 cm).

The number of residents affected by the flooding in Dayeuhkolot reached 5,761 households, equivalent to 19,950 people. The number of refugees reached 13 families, consisting of 42 people. A total of 4 people including the elderly, 1 toddler, 1 baby, 2 breastfeedings, and 1 disability.

Meanwhile, the number of submerged houses reached 4,165 units. As well as 8 places of worship and 2 schools. TMA reaches 20-150 cm.

Meanwhile, in Baleendah District, the floods covered Andir Village, Baleendah Village. It was recorded that 8,624 families or 32,799 people were affected. The number of refugees reached 10 families or 32 people, including 4 elderly and 4 children under five.

The number of submerged houses reached 4,439 units, 1 school, 8 kindergartens, 5 madrasas, 2 PAUDs, and 20 mosques. TMA reaches 40-150 cm.

In Bojongsoang District, 2,482 families or 7,070 people were affected. The number of refugees is still being collected. A total of 188 housing units were submerged, consisting of 253 families or 1,180 people. TMA reaches 30-90 cm.

In Margahayu District, floods affected 20 households. There are no IDPs in this sub-district, but the number of houses submerged reaches 20 units. TMA reaches 40 cm.

"The total affected was 16,887 families or 59,819 people," said Hadi.

BPBD coordinates with sub-district authorities and volunteers to carry out rapid assessments and evacuation to flood locations.

In addition, BPBD prepares evacuation posts at the Baleendah BPBD Post and coordinates with the coordinators of each refugee. 

 The Flash Update of Flooding In Bandung Regency, Indonesia – 26 May 2021 is also provided by The AHA Centre below.

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