Source: CNN Indonesia
Date: September 17, 2021

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - Floods submerged three villages in Gorontalo Regency, Gorontalo Province on Friday (17/9) afternoon. A total of 275 families (KK) with a total of 929 residents were affected by the flood.

The three flooded villages were Tolite Village in Boliyohuto District, Juria in Bilato, and Molohu in Tolangohula.

Plt. Head of the BNPB's Center for Disaster Data, Information and Communication, Abdul Muhari, said the flooding was triggered by heavy rains, which caused the discharge of the Paguyuman River, one of the largest rivers in Gorontalo, to overflow at around 13.00 WITA.

"The flooding was triggered by heavy rains and the discharge of the Paguyuman River, one of the largest rivers in the province," said Muhari in a written statement, Friday (17/9).

The Gorontalo Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) reported that there were no fatalities or injuries due to the flood.

"When the flood occurred, the water level as high as 30 to 80 cm submerged the residents' houses. There was no serious damage due to the flood," said Muhari.

Muhari said that The Gorontalo Regency Government currently had deployed a Rapid Response Team (TRC) for emergency handling. Personnel is alerted to carry out monitoring and data collection. TRC is also on standby if there are residents who need to be evacuated to a safe place.

The BMKG previously reported that the Gorontalo area would start to rain from September to November. Three sub-districts in the region are likely to experience light rain on Sunday (19/9).

Meanwhile, inaRISK's analysis states that as many as 17 sub-districts in Gorontalo have the potential to be flooded with moderate to high categories.

BNPB data during the 2015-2020 period noted that floods had submerged Gorontalo Regency 20 times. During that time, the flood killed four people and lost one person, while five houses and 30 public facilities were damaged.