German Water Supply Company Expansion to Indonesian Market Photo by: Viessmann

 Source: KOMPAS
Date: February 25, 2022

JAKARTA, – With a rapidly growing urban population, Indonesia is currently facing one of the biggest challenges, namely access to clean and safe water. Responding to these challenges, a global company from Germany, Viessmann, expanded into the Asian region, including the Indonesian market, by launching heating products and water filters. "We have entered the Southeast Asian market since April 2021 through our softener, filter, and water heater products. We are committed to delivering future-oriented water solutions," said Managing Director of Southeast Asia and Oceania Viessmann Alexander Ziehe, Wednesday (23/2/2022).

Alexander said, as a climate solution, Viessmann also supports sustainability, with energy efficiency and security in household water use. "We are long-term committed to building local operations for research and development (R&D), production and quality assurance, expanding our portfolio by adding further solutions such as air filters, and building a network of distribution partners across the region," Alexander added.

With the rapid growth of water solutions in the Southeast Asian market, Viessmann plans to expand to other countries such as Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia. Viessmann's expansion in Southeast Asia also considers the development of the consumer journey, by optimizing the e-commerce platform and application connectivity.

The technologically advanced water filter from Viessmann is equipped with features for washing, bathing, and drinking water needs. The product is also equipped with the feature of preventing sediment, rust, algae, and other harmful particles from entering the water supply. Viessmann also offers positive benefits for hair and skin as it can extract scale-causing minerals such as calcium and magnesium. In addition, it ensures safety from germs, viruses, bacteria, and other ingredients such as insect eggs and sand through diatomite ceramics and PP (polypropylene) fiber filters. "Filtration is also able to make tap water meet drinking standards. Such as overcoming the level of turbidity," said Dario Damati, Product Owner of Southeast Asia Solutions, Viessmann.

Dario said, among other harmful chemicals that can be found in water, the pH level is also a factor that is very concerned. "Our filters are able to keep water at a pH level of 7.29 - 7.58, which is within the safe range of drinking standards of 6.5 - 8.5," he added. Other chemicals such as arsenic, mercury, lead, iron, manganese, aluminum, copper and so on are also maintained at a safe level. In fact, it can eliminate biological substances such as e. Coli and coliform bacteria. In addition to focusing on safety, cleanliness, comfort, and practicality, Viessmann is also an important factor for today's middle class families who are currently struggling to survive. growing rapidly in Indonesia.

For example, the traditional concept of boiling water with a stove to produce hot water is not practical anymore. Even though Indonesia is a tropical country, bathing with warm water is an option because it can provide relaxation and relieve fatigue and stress. 

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