Heavy Rain for 2 Hours, Dozens of Houses in Cianjur Flooded

Heavy-Rain-for-2-Hours-Dozens-of-Houses-in-Cianjur-Flooded A resident in Kampung Cikaret, Cianjur, West Java, cleaned his house from water that had inundated due to flash floods, Tuesday (04/21/2020) (KOMPAS.COM/FIRMAN TAUFIQURRAHMAN)

​Source: Kompas.com
Date: 21 April 2020

Dozens of homes in several places in the urban area of ​​Cianjur, West Java, flooded on Tuesday (4/21/2020). There were no casualties in the morning incident. However, property and furniture belonging to residents were damaged due to flooding. Kompas.com monitored from Cikaret Village, Sawah Gede Village, water as high as half a meter inundated residents' homes. 

The source of water comes from overflowing sewer water that crosses these densely populated settlements. "It has been raining since morning, for about two hours. Now it's pretty low. But, the water has reached this level (waist)," Saripudin (62), a resident of Gang H. Amin RT01 / 02, Cikaret, said Tuesday. 

Heavy rain since dawn

It was mentioned that before the flooding hit his area, the rain fell very heavily since dawn. "Wet mattresses, goods and furniture, all of them were hit. Electricity had to be cut off for fear if there was a puddle in the house," he said. 

In a separate place, Chief of RW 01 Gang Alfalah, Cikaret Firman said, dozens of residents' houses were flooded due to overflowing water. "The most severe is in RT 01, water submerged residents' homes as high as 1 meter," said Firman. Residents are still trying to remove goods and furniture from houses that are flooded. However, indeed many houses were submerged," he said. 

Caused by the clogged gutters

Secretary of the Cianjur District Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Mokhamad Irfan Sofyan said he is still conducting assessments related to the number of houses affected. "Still being assessed. Officers are already in the field because the floods occurred at several locations," Irfan told Kompas.com via cell phone on Tuesday. As of the cause, Irfan learned that it came from high rainfall plus the condition of clogged gutters or drains. "When high water discharge does not flow, it rises to the surface," he added.

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