High Waves Hit the Southern Sea Of Bantul Regency

suasana-di-pantai-depok-kapanewon-kretek-kabupaten-bantul-jumat-1572022-2_169 Situation at Depok Beach, Kapanewon Kretek, Bantul Regency (15/7/2022) (Photo by: detikJateng/ Pradito Rida Pertana)

Fishermen take a holiday from fishing because of high waves in the southern sea of Bantul Regency. The fishermen park their boats on the south coast. According to DetikJateng, several jukung fishing boats leaning on the edge of Depok Beach, on the east side to be exact. Meanwhile, some fishermen seemed to just stand on the beach watching the tidal waves that repeatedly hit the mainland. It is also seen that sea water often reaches around the fish auction place at Depok Beach. There were also some visitors running around when the waves hit the beach, some even chose to ride on fishing boats.

One of the fishermen, Sukir (45), said the tidal wave had been going on for the past week. As a result, Sukir chose not to go to sea because of the high waves of the sea. According to him, fishermen can go to sea but have to leave when the waves are still gentle and only set up nets in the sea to be picked up the next day. However, Sukir chose to take a break and it was possible that he would be able to go to sea again next week. Due to this condition, Sukir admitted that he had no income at all for the past week. Because this long-haired man does not have a side job.

"There is no income, so we have to eat what is already there, minimally. Moreover, we are overseas fishermen from Cilacap and do not have side jobs, so what can we do," he said.

Another fisherman on Depok Beach, Mulyadi (45), also admitted that he had not gone to sea for the past week. In contrast to Sukir, Mulyadi admitted that he was not so affected by being unable to go to sea because of the tidal wave. In addition, this fisherman from Kapanewon Kretek, Bantul, admitted that he chose to repair his fishing equipment during his holiday at sea. So that when the waves are friendly he can immediately go to sea.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Salsabila II seafood restaurant at Depok Beach, Dardi Nugroho, said that a number of seafood restaurants and stalls on the east side of Depok Beach are prone to being hit by waves. The wave height in the southern waters of Jogja ranges from 4-6 meters or belongs to the very high category. This forecast is valid 24 hours starting at 07.00 WIB on July 15, 2022.

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