Indonesia promotes three priority environment issues at EDM-CSW

masalah-lingkungan-hidup-indonesia-usung-3-isu-prioritas-di-edmcsw-ypi Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya. Photo By: Sindonews

Date: March 2, 2022

SINDONEWS (JAKARTA) - Indonesia brings up three priority issues, which are the focus of discussion at every meeting of the Environment Deputies Meeting and Climate Sustainability Working Group (EDM-CSW) at the G20 Indonesia presidency. This was stated by the Minister of Environment and Forestry (LHK), Siti Nurbaya.

This activity is held in three meetings at the level of Deputy/Director General of G20 Members which will be held sequentially in Yogyakarta on 21-24 March 2022, in Jakarta on 19-21 June 2022; and in Bali on 29-30 August 2022.

Siti Nurbaya explained the three issues, namely, first, supporting a more sustainable recovery. Second, increasing land- and sea-based actions to support environmental protection and climate objectives. "Third, increasing the mobilization of resources to support environmental protection and climate change control objectives (enhancing resource mobilization to support environment protection and climate objectives)," said Siti Nurbaya in her statement, Tuesday (1/3/2022).

Present at the media briefing were the Director General of Pollution Control and Environmental Damage (PPKL) of the KLHK, Sigit Reliantoro, the Director General of Climate Change Control, Laksmi Dwanthi, and the Head of Public Relations of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Nunu Anugrah. 

Siti explained, the three priority issues and the main missions of the EDM-CSWG will be discussed and formulated into a collective G20 commitment through the adoption of a Communique of Ministers of Environment and Climate Change of the G20 as the main document of the results of the meeting. This communique is planned to be adopted at the G20 Environment and Climate Change Ministerial Meeting to be held on 31 August 2022 in Bali, Indonesia.

The discussion on the substance and elements of the Communique will be held in three meetings at the level of Deputy/Director General of the G20 Members which will be held sequentially in Yogyakarta on 21-24 March 2022; in Jakarta on 19-21 June 2022; and in Bali on 29-30 August 2022. 

The series of EDM-CSWG meetings, said Minister Siti Nurbaya, will not only be attended by G20 members. The Indonesian government also invited Spain as a permanent host country, the Netherlands, Singapore, Fiji, Belize, Senegal, Rwanda, and the United Arab Emirates. Fiji was invited as a representative of developing countries and archipelagic countries, while Belize, Senegal, Rwanda, as representatives of the progress of countries in the African continent. 

Apart from countries, a number of international organizations will also be involved in the EDM-CSWG meeting, including UNEP, FAO, IFAD, UNDP, and ASEAN. According to Siti Nurbaya, considering that the issues in EDM-CSWG are closely related to other agendas, various joint workshops will be held with several Working Groups and Engagement Groups such as the Energy Transition Working Group, Sustainable Finance Working Group, Business 20 (B20) , Think 20 (T20), Youth 20 (Y20) and so on.

"Indonesia is also working with various international institutions to achieve the planned results of the EDM-CSWG meeting, namely leading towards global sustainability," she said. 

The G20 Forum is a world forum and in this 2022 G20 Presidency, we show that Indonesia has meaning for the world, especially in the context of Environment and Climate Sustainability, because we are a nation of workers, thinkers, anticipatory, innovative, and responsive. All successful work in the environmental, forestry and climate change control sectors are the result of the hard work of all parties, elements of the state structure and elements of the nation such as, executive, legislative, judiciary, community, academics, activists, journalists, business world, community, indigenous peoples, also support for good cooperation from friendly and multilateral countries. 

The G20 Forum, said Minister Siti, will further strengthen our efforts and Indonesia's performance in fulfilling the constitutional mandate of the 1945 Constitution Article 28 H and Article 33 and for Indonesia to be more meaningful for the world, globally. "I invite you, ladies and gentlemen, to take part and actively participate in various G20 agendas in general, and the agenda for protecting and managing the environment and sustainable natural resources and controlling climate change and its impacts. Let us and all The world works hand in hand and builds collaboration. From Indonesia, the world will recover together," said Minister Siti. 

During this media briefing, the Director-General of Pollution and Environmental Damage Control (PPKL) of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Sigit Reliantoro, also explained further the three main issues that will be brought up by Indonesia in the first EDM-CSWG forum in Yogyakarta on 21-24 March. Including various needs that need to be prepared so that the meeting runs smoothly.

Director-General Sigit Reliantoro also explained that the progress of developing the CSWG EDM concept which includes first, biodiversity, and restoration of land degradation and unique ecosystems (peat, mangroves and coral reefs). Second, marine conservation, then third about marine debris. Fourth, resource efficiency and circular economy. Fifth, sustainable finance, water security. Most importantly, Director General of PPKL Sigit Reliantoro explained important study topics in the CSWG EDM forum. 

The topics include first, an inventory of the economic, social and environmental impacts of sustainable recovery, and their impact on NDC implementation. In addition, an inventory of the economic, social, and environmental impacts of sustainable recovery, and input on the implementation of the NDC. The second topic is strengthening actions and partnerships for sustainable marine initiatives. It also promotes the protection of marine ecosystems, research and development, and innovative policies and strategies towards climate resilience. While the third topic is recommendations for innovative financial frameworks towards lower greenhouse gas or GHG emissions and climate resilience in the future. In addition, recommendations for innovative frameworks towards low GHG emissions and future climate resilience. Director-General Sigit hopes that all plans and stages of preparation for the EDM CSWG meeting will go according to plan. "And produce results for further discussion," he concluded.

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