Indonesia recounts achievements in water preservation at G20 meeting

3563_ELSHINTADOTCOM_20210930_whatsapp-image-2021-09-30-at-05_28_51 Photo via: Environment and Forestry Ministry via Elshinta.

Source: ANTARA
Date: September 30, 2021

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia continues to realize the global commitment to preserving water resources ahead of the G20 presidency in 2022, Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar stated at the virtual High-Level Dialogue on Water on Wednesday.

According to the ministry's official statement received here on Thursday, Bakar was invited as one of the keynote speakers at the meeting by the Italian government that had held the 2021 G20 Presidency.

On the occasion, the minister highlighted the critical role of sustainable water resources in watershed management, the preparation of a Strategic Environmental Study, as well as the development of food and energy security in Indonesia.

"Indonesia also supports the ongoing global negotiations and cooperation related to the sustainability of water resources," she stated.

Furthermore, the minister drew attention to the varied significant achievements made by Indonesia, such as the installation of Wudu -- Islamic partial ablution done before praying -- and water recycling at the Istiqlal Grand Mosque, Central Jakarta.

The water treatment system's daily capacity can reach 96 cubic meters, thereby providing more than sufficient clean water for at least eight thousand worshipers every day.

Another achievement is the implementation of the eco-riparian program that focuses on reducing domestic waste pollution through the joint treatment of household wastewater before being discharged into a water body.

The program has been run at nine locations in Citarum River, Ciliwung River, Bengawan Solo River, and Lake Toba.

In addition, the ministry has introduced a rainwater harvesting system to provide clean water for household consumption.

More than 500 rainwater harvesting units have been installed at several villages in 16 provinces in Indonesia since 2019.

Meanwhile, the High-Level Dialogue on Water was attended by ministerial-level officials in the environment and forestry sector, representatives of G20 member countries, leaders of United Nations institutions, delegates of international organizations, as well as environmentalists.

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