Kapuas Hulu Flood: 19 Thousand People Affected, 1,681 Evacuated

banjir-kapuas-hulu Many houses were affected by flooding in Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan, Thursday (15/7). (BPBD Kapuas Hulu Regency)

Source: CNN Indonesia
Date: July 18, 2021

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia -- The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) recorded an increasing number of residents affected by the flooding of Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan, by 7,357 families (KK) or 19,121 people.

"19,121 people spread across several sub-districts," said Head of the BNPB Disaster Data, Information and Communication Center Abdul Muhari through a press release, Saturday (17/7).

The residents of Kapuas Hulu who have been affected by the floods that have occurred since July 13 2021 are divided into several sub-districts, namely in the Hulu Gurung sub-district with a total of 1,147 families or 4,112 people and the Silat Hulu sub-district with a total of 1,841 families or 6,821 people.

Boyan Tanjung sub-district with a total of 3,879 families or 6,537 people, in Pengkadan District with a total of 190 families or 569 people, Bunut Hulu District with a total of 118 families or 472 people and in Silat Hilir District with a total of 182 families or 610 people.

Meanwhile, related to the number of evacuees, the BPBD of Kapuas Hulu Regency noted that at least 422 families or 1,681 people were forced to evacuate due to the flood.

"Nanga Luan Village with a total of 126 families or 605 people, Entebi Village with a total of 113 families or 466 people and in Bongkong Village 182 families or 610 people," said Abdul Muhari.

BNPB also recorded material losses, so far there have been 5,002 submerged housing units and 217 affected public facilities.

"Until now, BPBD members of Kapuas Hulu Regency together with a joint team from TNI, Polri and other relevant agencies are still struggling to continue data collection at the location," said Abdul Muhari. The obstacles faced are still the same, namely the limited cellular communication network that hampers the performance of data collection by the team in the field.

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