Many Dead Fish Found in Pleret River Due to Toxic Foam

warga-desa-tulas-kecamatan-karangdowo-klaten-resah-karena-sungai-pleret-berbusa-dan-banyak-ikan-mati-foto-diunggah-pada-kamis--1_169 The residents of Tulas Village in Klaten get worried because the Pleret River is frothing and many fish are dead. (Photo by: Eko Santoso)

Residents of Tulas Village, Karangdowo District, Klaten are worried about the toxic foam in the Pleret River which is followed by many dead fish found. The BBSWBS officer suspected that the phenomenon was triggered by the wastewater from used drums.

"The height is over the loning wall (talut) of the river. One meter above the water," said a resident of Suluhan Hamlet, Tulas Village, Karangdowo District, Paidi (50) to detikJateng at the location, Thursday (30/6/2022) afternoon. According to Paidi, the foaming river has been around for about a week. Padini said that this week, foam had appeared in the river four times.

"This has happened four times. But the worst was on June 25 yesterday, many fish died, many looking for fish got several buckets," he explained. According to Paidi, there are no factories around his village. Paidi said that in the upstream of Beji Village there were residents that runs a used drum business but the location was relatively far away.

"In Beji, they say there is a drum business but they are far away. I don't know where this came from," said Paidi.
A resident of Dusun Gandekan, Tulas Village, Eko Santoso, said that quite a lot of fish died. Residents even had time to take fish to collect several buckets.

"I got a few buckets but I asked not to eat it because I was worried it would be poisonous. We are worried about the health of the residents," said Eko to detikJateng at the location.

Asked for confirmation, the Coordinator of the Balai Besar Sungai Bengawan Solo (BBSWBS) Officer, Alung Prasaja Utama, stated that his team had been asked to check the location. Alung said river tracing was under the authority of BBSWBS. "Yes, after we checked, it was the Beji River channel. The authority of BBSWBS and the results (foam) was only the impact, but the waste element from Beji (Pedan District)," explained Alung when met at the Klaten Regency BPBD office.

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