Measured fishing policy aims to balance ecology, economy: minister

MenteriTrenggonoBatikHitamHijau Photo by Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry.

Source: ANTARA
Date: August 23, 2021

 Jakarta (ANTARA) - Marine Affairs and Fisheries Minister Sakti Wahyu Trenggono has said that the implementation of the measured fishing policy prepared by his administration could ensure a balance between the ecological and economic aspects of fishing.

"The policy also aims to ensure the sustainability of national fishery resources," he said during a webinar on sustainable fisheries management here on Monday.

The policy is a model for implementing the Blue Economy principles, expected to help maintain Indonesia's position as the world's major fish supplier, he added.

"Moreover, we will also implement a trade limit regarding the size of exported fish. It aims to increase our foreign exchange from global fisheries market worth $167 billion," he added.

Furthermore, the production value of Indonesia's marine fishery sector is around Rp132 trillion, with production opportunities of over 10 million tons per year, Trenggono informed.

The measured fishing policy intends to measure the result of fishery resources management, he explained. The policy will assess the production rate and fishing limits, which would indicate ecosystem resilience to support food security, he said.

In addition, the policy will evaluate the value of production, which would show economic resilience, as well as the income and welfare of fishermen, which would show the socio-economic resilience of the community, he added.

"The policy is expected to be able to create a growth distribution in the region and boost economic growth nationally. It will also organize the marine and fisheries sector management better to realize a healthy marine environment," Trenggono said.

Furthermore, the policy will regulate fishing areas, the number of fish caught, the number of vessels allowed to do fishing, ports where fish shipments can land, as well as the types of fishing equipment allowed to be used, he disclosed.

The ministry will take advantage of integrated surveillance technology and build synergies with several stakeholders for developing the supporting facilities and infrastructure to ensure that the policy runs optimally, he added.

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