Ministry of PUPR RI to Build Four New Dams in 2022

jy9vugirikgqfpmzd6hu Dam illustration. Photo by: Raisan Al Farisi / ANTARA

Source: Times Indonesia
Date: June 21, 2021

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – The Directorate General of Water Resources of the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (Ministry of PUPR RI) will continue to build water resources resilience infrastructure, especially dams in 2022. In 2022, the Directorate General of Water Resources plans to build 4 new dams in 3 provinces.

"For the construction of new dams, the Kedung Langgar and Cabean Dams in Central Java, Riam Kiwa Dam in South Kalimantan and Kolhua Dam in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)," said Director General of Water Resources Jarot Widyoko a while ago.

The Directorate General of Water Resources received a total indicative ceiling allocation for 2022 of Rp 41.04 trillion, consisting of Rp 38.58 for water resources resilience and Rp 2.45 trillion for management support. Rp 11.35 trillion will be allocated to continue 34 dams, build 4 new dams, and revitalize 3 priority lakes.

Other priority programs planned by the Directorate General of Water Resources in 2022 include the irrigation and swamp sector, namely the construction of an irrigation network covering an area of 5,000 hectares and the rehabilitation of irrigation networks covering an area of 100 thousand hectares with a budget allocation of Rp 5.50 trillion.

The Directorate General of Water Resources has also allocated Rp 2.03 trillion for raw water supply through increasing raw water capacity by 1.5 m3/second, making artificial rainwater storage aquifers (ABSAH) in 550 locations with a labour-intensive pattern, building 8 reservoirs in the regions with water shortages, and the use of dams that have been completed.

Then the plan for a destructive power control program with an allocation of Rp7.32 trillion through flood control for 60 km and coastal protection for 40 km, as well as the construction of 2 check dams in priority river areas (WS).

The other program plans for the Directorate General of Water Resources in 2022 include operations and maintenance with a planned budget allocation of Rp. 8.63 trillion, land acquisition of Rp. 3.09 trillion, Sidoarjo Mud control of Rp. 270 billion, and management support of Rp. 2.84 trillion.

In addition to the plan to build a new dam, the Directorate General of Water Resources of the Ministry of PUPR RI has also allocated a budget of Rp 4.85 trillion for labour-intensive programs in the field of water resources. The labour-intensive programs in the water resources sector in 2022 include the Program for the Acceleration of Improvement of Irrigation Water Use (P3TGAI), artificial aquifers for rainwater storage (ABSAH), and operation and maintenance (OP) of water resources infrastructure.

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