PAM Jaya Targets Fulfillment of 100 Percent Drinking Water Pipeline by 2030


The development of the Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) in DKI Jakarta Province is an effort to achieve the service target of up to 100 percent of the citizens of the capital city by 2030. The DKI Jakarta Regional Owned Enterprise (BUMD), PAM Jaya, on Monday held a discussion virtual world with the theme of the SPAM development plan in Jakarta. PAM Jaya President Director Arief Nasrudin said piped drinking water services of course have a domino effect, starting from the environment and the health of Jakarta residents.

"As we know, according to 2018 research data, around 45 percent of the Jakarta area has groundwater with critical quality to damage," said Arief. Arief added, providing access to piped drinking water can reduce the exploitation of groundwater which has an impact on environmental damage, health problems, and potential environmental disasters. 90 percent of the area in Jakarta, especially in the northern region, is predicted to sink by 2050 because the land level is getting lower.

"In the near future, when this continues, in 2050 it is predicted that 90 percent of the Jakarta area, especially in the northern part, will be submerged due to culture or water use which is not immediately resolved," said Arief.

DKI Jakarta Development and Environment Assistant, Afan Adriansyah Idris said that his party had established a synergy by signing a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) and PAM Jaya. The memorandum of understanding then underlies the Governor's Regulation Number 7/2022 regarding the assignment to PAM Jaya to accelerate the increase in the coverage of drinking water services in DKI Jakarta Province.

"Service coverage has only reached around 64 percent, while the target for service coverage is 100 percent by 2030. Therefore, the SPAM development program in DKI Jakarta Province is urgently needed," Afan said.

PAM Jaya consultant Noviyan Halim explained that currently PAM Jaya requires an increase in service coverage to 36 percent and a water supply of 11,150 liters per second to achieve 100 percent service coverage. Noviyan added that the SPAM development project is a solution to meet these needs, namely through the Karian Serpong SPAM with a capacity of 3,200 liters per second (lpd) and the Ciliwung SPAM 200 lpd. Furthermore, SPAM Pesanggrahan 750 lpd, SPAM Jatiluhur I 4,000 lpd, SPAM Buaran 3 3,000 lpd and SPAM Ir H Djuanda/Jatiluhur II 2,054 lpd. 

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