PDAM in Cisadane Stops the Water Treatment Plant (WTP), BSD and Surrounding Areas are Facing A Water Crisis

PDAM in Cisadane Stops the Water Treatment Plant (WTP), BSD and Surrounding Areas are Facing A Water Crisis The WTP was terminated due to the very high level of turbidity of the Cisadane river water. (Photo by Patra Indonesia)
PDAM customers in the Bumi Serpong Damai, Sumarecon, and several housing estates around the Cisadane River will experience a clean water crisis starting today.

The reason? PDAM stopped the production process of the clean water treatment plant (WTP).

Why? Because the level of turbidity of the Cisedane river water is very high. The river that divides the Greater Tangerang area contains very thick mud. Because in the upstream area, namely Bogor, flash floods and landslides occurred. And the mud material washed away in the river was very high on Thursday (23/06/2022).
Cisadane River with the high level of turbidity on Thursday (23/06/2022)

WTP owned by PDAM Tangerang Regency, which supplies bulk water, stopped production.

Meanwhile, WTP Sampora can only process water up to a maximum of 180 liters/sec, equivalent to 45% capacity. All WTP owned by PDAM, whose source is Cisadane River water, has stopped production.

According to Asen Pioneer, a practitioner who is experienced in managing water treatment, the termination of water treatment in WTP is very understandable.

"In my opinion, raw water originating from rivers due to the current disaster is not included in the criteria for water treatment," said Assen.

"If you force it to be processed, there will be an impact on the chemical and equipment damage," said Asen

"Examples of analysis that can have an impact on chemicals and equipment such as turbidity analysis and Total Suspended Solid, extreme excess TDS due to disaster," added Asen.

"If the solids contained in the water increase, the water treatment process will cost a lot of money with a process that produces little water," he said.

"The water treatment process has not been designed to treat water contaminated with excess sludge. So that the water treatment process is stopped so that there is no continuous damage to the water treatment system," he continued.

"So if raw water is contaminated due to a disaster, then residents as water users should understand," he explained.

The question is, how long will the WTP in Cisedane operate again? How long do people have to wait for clean water? No one knows.  

Source link: https://patraindonesia.com/2022/06/24/pdam-di-cisedane-hentikan-proses-water-treatment-plant-wtp-bsd-dan-sekitarnya-krisis-air/ 

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