Clean Water Crisis in the City of a Thousand Rivers

9-Tanjung-Berkat_WAR-3 Without clean water from PTAM, residents of Tanjung Berkat are forced to rely on river water. Meanwhile, for drinking and cooking, residents buy jerry cans of water. Photo by: Wahyu Ramadhan

 Date: May 19, 2022

BANJARMASIN – Until yesterday (6/5), there was no clean water flowing to the houses of residents on Jalan Tanjung Berkat. In fact, during the month of Ramadan earlier. Unfortunately, this condition has been going on since four months ago.

In fact, they are also customers of the Bandarmasih Drinking Water Limited Company (PTAM).

"Totally jammed. It just flows sometimes. The water is also smelly, cloudy and foamy. It's like a sewer," complained the Head of RT 15 Teluk Tiram Village, Anang Ansyari yesterday (6/5).

There are at least four neighborhood units (RT) who complain about it. Namely RT 15, 16, 17 and RT 18. All efforts have been made. From reporting online, writing letters, to visiting the PTAM office (formerly PDAM).

However, between the answer and reality, far from the fire. As Anang recalls, PTAM only came to control the location.

"Said that tonight the water will flow. In fact not. We also reported a week before the fasting month, but there was no progress. It's like being given false hope," he added.

"While we are still paying the bills. Even if the water doesn't flow. Poor citizens. There is also no aid in the form of a water tank car," he said. So, how do local residents get clean water? To cook or drink, they are forced to buy water.

"We have no problem if we have to buy water. But the location is far. It's not easy to carry jerry cans of water. Poor old man," he stressed. 

 ITCHING: Too much use of river water, some residents of Tanjung Berkat suffer from skin diseases. 

Photo by: Wahyu Ramadhan/Radar Banjarmasin 

As for bathing, washing toilets (MCK), inevitably use river water. Accommodated in buckets and basins. "Imagine when the river recedes, it can be more painful," concluded Anang.

In line with the complaint of Nurdin, a local resident. He confirmed that the condition of the piped water had been stuck for months. "When the river is high, it is enough to scoop it up from under the house. You don't have to go to the river," he said.

Unfortunately, residents admit that they still pay their monthly bills to PTAM. Then, there is also Zainudin. "Per jerry can of 10 liters, it usually costs Rp. 500. Can directly buy 10 jerry cans every week. If you buy every day, you are tired of carrying it," he explained.

"For other purposes, we take water from the river. But if it doesn't fit, it can get itchy," he continued. For example himself. Zainudin admitted that he did not feel comfortable wearing the brown river water. He often suffers from skin diseases.

PTAM Claim everything is safe

The Technical Director of the Bandarmasih Drinking Water Limited Company (PTAM), Supian sounded surprised to hear the conditions in Tanjung Berkat.

"If the water is jammed for four months, you must report it. I'll try to check later," he said by telephone to Radar Banjarmasin yesterday (6/5).

As he recalled, the problems in Tanjung Berkat had been handled before. "According to the latest information, it's safe," he claimed. When he was told about a customer who had reported it many times and was only answered by field control, Supian was surprised again.

He guarantees that PTAM never silences customer complaints. Will definitely respond soon.

"If there is a letter, it will go through to me. Usually just fast. Never procrastinate," he said.

Despite all that, he promised to ask his subordinates to check there immediately. "Later we will order to check the location," Supian promised. (war/az/fud)

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