Rob Floods Hit the Coast of Central Java

1111954_720 Flood conditions from seawater to land or rob that submerged the Tanjung Emas Port Container Terminal area, Semarang, Central Java, Monday, May 23, 2022. Personnel from Basarnas, TNI-Polri and volunteers were deployed to help evacuate workers and residents. Photo by: ANTARA FOTO/Aji Styawan

Date: May 25, 2022 

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The tidal flood hit the coastal area of Central Java on Monday, May 23, 2022. The tidal wave as high as 2 meters even paralysed the Tanjung Emas Port in Semarang.

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo asked local governments in coastal areas to prepare a complete emergency post to handle the impact of tidal flooding.

"We are asking for coordination for the entire Pantura now, especially in Semarang City, in Demak, then in Pati, also in Pekalongan," said Ganjar when checking the handling of tidal flooding in Semarang, Monday.

The full emergency command post, which Ganjar meant, consisted of the health, disaster and public kitchen sectors because there were reports of residents unable to evacuate their families due to tidal flooding.

"We asked to provide reports, so what came to me immediately I distributed and they were called, we asked for a team to be sent down so that the rescue team could be evacuated quickly," he said.

The number one person in Central Java said the tidal flood occurred due to weather anomalies and the BMKG continued to update the latest information on the weather, thus asking the public to continue to monitor developments.

"The estimate will still take place, hopefully, we can prepare it because it is quite high from the sea, it rises quite high," he said.

According to Ganjar, the BMKG has informed that the rising tides will be high in the near future.

"Hopefully it will go down. So if it was submitted from the BMKG, then the forecast is that it will appear to be going down from the hour," he said.

Submerged Port of Tanjung Emas
As reported, tidal flooding or tidal water that ran over to the mainland with a height of more than 2 meters hit the coastal area of Semarang City, Monday afternoon, especially the area around Tanjung Emas Port.

Thousands of workers from a number of factories located in the Tanjung Emas Port industrial area saved themselves from the incident.

Apart from motorcycles and cars, thousands of sewing machines and production machines at a number of factories were also submerged by the tidal flood.
Dozens of containers or containers at the Tanjung Emas Port also seemed to be submerged by the tidal flood.

It is not yet known for sure the number of losses from various parties due to the tidal flood that occurred simultaneously with high waves and was exacerbated by the collapse of the sea wall in the port area.

As a result of this tidal flood, PLN had temporarily stopped the flow of electricity to the affected areas as a form of safety security.

"For the safety of the public, we are taking preventive measures in the form of temporary cessation of electricity at the location of the incident and in the vicinity to avoid unwanted things due to electric currents," said the General Manager of PLN Central Java Distribution Main Unit and Yogyakarta Special Region M Irwansyah Putra after checking the location affected by the tidal flood in Semarang, Monday.

Due to the tidal flood in the Tanjung Emas Port and Lamicitra Industrial Complex, PLN was forced to secure 408 distribution substations that supply electricity to as many as 35 thousand customers both on-site and outside the tidal flood location.

In addition, his party will continue to monitor the situation and condition of the water discharge at the flood-affected location points.

"When the water has receded and conditions are safe, PLN will try to redistribute electricity as quickly as possible to customers," he said accompanied by Senior Manager of Communications and General Ahmad Mustaqir and Manager of the Semarang Customer Service Implementation Unit (UP3) Eric Rossi.
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