Rowosari and Tandang Villages are Supplied with 21 Thousand Liters of Clean Water

Suplai-Air-Bersih-696x464 Residents of RW 6 and RW 9, Rowosari Village, were supplied with two tanks of clean water. Assistance was also given to residents of RW 13, Tandang Village. Photo by: RONGGO WASSALIM/JAVA POS RADAR SEMARANG

Source: Radar Semarang
Date: March 31, 2022

RADARSEMARANG.ID, Semarang – Rowosari and Tandang Villages, Tembalang District, received a supply of 21 thousand liters of clean water. So far, these two areas have been subject to drought disasters. If anything, the water quality is poor. 

The assistance is a form of corporate social responsibility (CSR) of PT MAS Arya Indonesia. Yesterday (29/3), through BPBD Semarang, three tanker trucks (every 7,000 liters) were distributed at three points. Two tanker trucks for 250 families (KK) in Muntuksari RW 6 and Kebuntaman RW 9, Rowosari Village. 

Meanwhile, one truck is for residents of RT 10 RW 13, Kelurahan Tandang. One of the residents of Muntusari, Yana Eka, said that in her area it was very difficult to get clean water. Especially during the dry season. As long as there is no assistance, his party uses gallons of water for cooking needs. 
Meanwhile, for washing and bathing he uses well water, the water quality is quite poor. "It has to be economical, mas, usually four times to do the washing up because it's for washing," he said.

The Tembalang sub-district head, Kusrin, admitted that the Rowosari area did not have clean water when it entered the dry season. Various attempts were made to overcome this problem. Starting from bringing in experts to drilling the ground to a depth of 180 meters. But still, it didn't work. 

When you enter 60 meters there is water, but when you pump it runs out," he said. So far, his party routinely asks for assistance from BPBD and PDAM for clean water distribution. Even so, long-term treatment has been prepared. One of them is building a PDAM network. 

"The excavation of the pipe has been prepared, so in 2023 it is hoped that the people of Rowosari can enjoy clean water from the PDAM," he said. In the same vein, the water manager of Artesian RW 13, Tandang Village, Sriyono said. Actually, there are three wells that are the source of water for residents. 

However, currently only one is working properly. "One is because it is muddy and has high iron content. The other one was damaged, it has been repaired twice, it was damaged again," he explained.

In fact, Seiyono continued, one drilled well was used to meet the water needs of 650 families. About 1,200 people use it. In order to meet the water needs, the flow is limited and rotated per RT. In fact, there are plans to add drilled wells. However, the availability of land is constrained. 

Meanwhile, the Head of Sovereignty and Logistics of the Semarang City BPBD, Bambang Haryanto, added that his party had mapped areas prone to drought. The supply of clean water is also carried out regularly. 

"What is clear is that we will distribute clean water for three days to areas in need. Especially in high areas where there is usually a lack of water," he said. 

A representative from PT MAS Arya Indonesia, Stephanie Chelsea, added that PT MAS Arya Indonesia said this CSR activity was also to commemorate World Water Day. "We are committed to continuing to hold CSR activities that bring benefits to the community. We are very enthusiastic about social activities," he said.

"Today, a total of 21,000 liters were distributed to residents," added Executive Environment and Sustainability Enrico Fendy.

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