The Capital of South Kalimantan Province, Assisted by the Ministry of PUPR, Banjarbaru Improves Sanitation

SANITASI-OKE-750x430 Kick-off acceleration of sanitation improvement in Banjarbaru City led by Regional Secretary Said Abdullah. Photo by: Jejakrekam

Source: Jejakrekam
Date: April 18, 2022

Jejakrekam - Among other things, Banjarbaru City will be more advanced, the economy will grow, new areas will appear and so on. However, this will also have a negative impact if it is not addressed from the start. One of them is related to population sanitation.

Seeing this, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) immediately realized the Acceleration of Residential Sanitation Development (PPSP) program in Banjarbaru.

This was initiated by holding a kick-off meeting on the implementation of the City Sanitation Strategy (SSK) in the PPSP program at the Banjarbaru City Planning and Development Agency (Bappeda), Thursday (14/4/2022).

The kick-off meeting was chaired by the Regional Secretary of Banjarbaru City, Said Abdullah with the Head of Bappeda Banjarbaru Kanafi, Head of the South Kalimantan Settlement Infrastructure Center at the PUPR Ministry, which was attended by representatives from regional work units (SKPD) at the Banjarbaru City Government and the South Kalimantan Provincial Government.

This activity is a follow-up to the initial meeting at the provincial level held by the South Kalimantan Settlement Infrastructure Center, Ministry of PUPR as coordination between the central and regional governments for the better.

Local governments are expected to have policies that support the fulfillment of minimum sanitation service standards, especially wastewater and solid waste so that the PPSP program can run according to plan with the final result of a proper and safe sanitation system being achieved properly.

Banjarbaru City Secretary Said Abdullah said the city government had arranged the area along the Kemuning River. This is a big achievement, because it used to be an area that was less organized, had poor sanitation, and an unspoilt environment.

"The arrangement of the banks of the Kemuning River can be carried out thanks to the support of all parties, especially the community and is now one of the icons of the City of Banjarbaru," he said.

In the future, the Banjarbaru City Government will organize the affected areas, rivers and mountains, as an effort to prevent flooding.

Then, he explained, in addition to structuring the area, supervision and control of the area that has been regulated is also carried out, so that it continues to be well maintained and does not cause the impact of the arrangement. "A disturbing area will affect the growth and development of children or stunting conditions," Said said again.

Said, among others, by structuring the area. One of them is the management of a good sanitation system that will indirectly prevent stunting conditions in children in Banjarbaru City, who are the nation's next generation.

"With the PPSP from the Ministry of PUPR, the Banjarbaru City Government will be assisted in managing a healthy sanitation system. Mainly, the city waste area, "said Said.

This, according to him, can help the city government overcome sanitation problems from the capital of South Kalimantan Province.

"Surely in Banjarbaru City will continue to grow which will eventually lead to household waste," said Said. (jejakrekam)
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