The Flow of Hot Springs in North Tapanuli Changed After the Earthquake

633a3cb28a0e2-mata-air-panas-yang-berhenti-mengalir-usai-gempa-di-tapanuli-utara-senin-3102022_665_374 Hot Springs stopped flowing after the earthquake in North Tapanuli, Monday (3/10/2022) (Photo by: tvone)

Head of the BNPB's Center for Data, Information and Communication for Disaster, Abdul Muhari, said the 6.0 magnitude earthquake that happened in North Tapanuli, North Sumatra, had damaged as many as 962 houses. The BNPB press release in Jakarta, Sunday (2/10/2022), said the earthquake also caused the death of one resident and 24 people were injured.

Abdul Muhari noted that there were other infrastructure damage, including 67 worship places, 2 units of health service buildings, 17 educational facilities, 25 government buildings, 22 road points, 12 landslide TPT points, nine bridge units, 32 irrigation canals, one tourism site and nine clean water facilities.

In addition, the flow of hot springs in Sipoholon District, North Tapanuli, North Sumatra, changed after the area was hit by an earthquake. "It's not drying up but changing the direction of the flow. It turns out that the water doesn't run on the previous path," said Herbet Silaban (61), manager of the hot spring area in Sipoholon.

The area manager denied the news circulating on social media about the dryness of the Sipoholon hot spring. "The water source is not just one, there are several parts of it. That's why some don't flow because they change direction, but some continue to flow," he said.

Herbet Silaban has also made an emergency embankment to prevent the hot water from seeping elsewhere. The change of direction of the hot water occurred on Saturday (1/10/2022) at 03.00 WIB to 17.00 WIB. "So we have made an emergency embankment. We fill the sacks with soil, then we stack them to form embankments so that the water can collect and flow again," he said.

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