The government of Kutai Kartanegara Regency has set out IDR 6 billion to improve sanitation.

The government of Kutai Kartanegara Regency has set out IDR 6 billion to improve sanitation. Rendi Solihin, Deputy Regent of Kutai Kartanegara. Photo by: KORANKALTIM

Date: January 31, 2022

TENGGARONG, KORANKALTIM.COM - Rendi Solihin, Deputy Regent of Kutai Kartanegara, said the poverty alleviation program has become one of his and Regent Edi Damansyah's top priorities.

The government designated two sub-districts, Muara Kaman and Samboja, as the poverty reduction pilot projects last year. The selection of these two sub-districts is based on the fact that the number of impoverished homes remains high, which is based on a given set of parameters, one of which is sanitation, rather than on indicators of citizen income.

"The Samboja and Muara Kaman sub-districts in Kukar have the highest number of underprivileged families. So the qualification for the lowest earners isn't income per person or per house, but a variety of factors, one of which is sanitation," Rendi explained.

For this effort, Rendi said that the technical OPD, namely The Department of Housing and Settlement (Perkim), had been appointed to repair the houses of residents who deserved assistance so that the sanitation was in accordance with the established standards.

"The Department of Housing and Settlement has prepared a budget of approximately IDR 6 billion in 2022 which will be submitted for each house of approximately IDR 2.5 million to carry out self-help small house renovations. Home repairs, building toilets, or purchasing materials will be carried out at the Perkim Office for Samboja and Muara Kaman sub-districts," he said.

Rendi emphasized that from the Rp 6 billion funds, there were around 5,000 houses that would later be rehabilitated. The determination of the poor is not seen from the income of the residents, but the inadequate condition of the house is the biggest factor due to the inadequate condition of the toilet.

"This means that it is not poor in terms of income, but in terms of the appropriateness of the place to live and the sanitation of the toilet, yes, we are slowly fixing this," said Rendi.

The Head of the Perkim Office, Maman Setiawan, stated that poverty alleviation was not only focused on the two sub-districts but entirely.

"That's right, but we also don't ignore other sub-districts, it's just the priorities of the two sub-districts that need immediate attention, to reduce poverty," said Maman.

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