The Governor of West Java said there were 23 violations in the Citarum River during 2021

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Source: ANTARA
Date: April 6, 2022

Bandung (ANTARA) - West Java Governor M Ridwan Kamil said based on data compiled from the Citarum Harum Task Force Team, during 2021 there were 23 violations that occurred in the Citarum River area.

"During 2021 a lot of law enforcement was carried out, there were 23 violations in the floating net cage or marine cage sector, but for two years (pandemic) new administrative sanctions were imposed," said Ridwan Kamil in a press statement in Bandung, Tuesday.

According to him, law enforcement has only been given administrative sanctions at the level of the people's economy.

He said that the excessive arrangement of KJA was brought under control by every leader in various sectors.

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The control involves the regional head and the local community so that the information provided can be absorbed and applied.

"One of them is Lord KJA. We will arrange excessive fishing nets again in 2022," said Kang Emil.

According to him, improving the condition of the Citarum River involves many parties from 13 regencies/cities, with a total population of 18 million people.

Therefore, specifics in the field must continue to be carried out for more comprehensive improvements.

"In field monitoring, there are still waste issues that need to be coordinated with the regional heads at the city/district level," he said.

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Ridwan Kamil also said that to reduce flooding, the Citarum Harum Task Force has conducted a study, namely closing the Nanjung Tunnel in Bandung Regency, when the dry season arrives.

"There was a finding of the Nanjung Tunnel, it turns out that during the dry season it should be closed, so that the volume is regulated, the water is not too fast in the dry season," said Ridwan Kamil.

He said that until now the flood management has improved and for two years, the Citarum River repair from the BBWS report is only 20 percent.

With the cohesiveness of all parties, including the TNI-Polri, in 2022 the Citarum Harum Task Force under the leadership of the West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil will focus on law enforcement in the Citarum River Basin area.

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I, together with Forkopimda, as well as the Sector Commander who are members of the Citarum Harum Task Force, will increase law enforcement in 2022 after two years of the pandemic, the enforcement aspect is not in the year before the pandemic," said Ridwan Kamil.

"Flood management is relatively better. During the two years of handling the Citarum River, according to notes from BBWS, the flood reports are now only 20 percent compared to before the establishment of the Citarum Task Force," he continued.

This was made possible thanks to the hard work and collaboration of the Citarum Harum Task Force.

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However, in the next few years the Program will end. Therefore, if the Citarum Harum Task Force is frozen, the authority will return to each regional head.

So we are preparing for the transition, if this Task Force is completed, then the responsibility will be taken over by the regent/mayor in the Citarum area," said Ridwan Kamil after leading the Coordination of the Annual Evaluation of the Citarum Task Force at Gedung Sate, Bandung City.

"This year, we will continue to apply many innovations that have been carried out related to water purification, as well as the economic space that is still related to the activities of Ciarum Harum," he continued.

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