The Water Agency Presented Asia Water Challenge during Indonesia Liveable Cities Update 2022

IDNliveable Participants of Indonesia Liveable Cities Update 2022 gathered in Den Haag (4/11) (Photo by: The Water Agency).

Indonesia Liveable Cities Update is an annual event aimed to exchange knowledge and lessons learned from initiatives happening in Indonesia in the field of urban development. This event is also a form of information dissemination about the recent developments in Indonesia for diasporas and other partners directly from the source. On 4 November 2022, this annual event took place in the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia for the Kingdom of the Netherlands situated in Den Haag, the Netherlands. This event is jointly organized by the Indonesia Diaspora Network the Netherlands Taskforce Liveable Cities (IDN-LC), the Indonesia Diaspora Network the Netherlands (IDN-LC) and the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia for the Kingdom of the Netherlands (KBRI Den Haag).

This event raised the role of young generation in the national development. This topic was chosen in coherence with the Youth Oath Day that was celebrated on 28 October each year. Young generation remains an important asset and topic for country such as Indonesia because this generation shapes the dominant national population. That is why Indonesia is well-known globally for having demographic bonus. It means the country has more young generation than the older one. The World Economic Forum study in 2019 even showed that Indonesia's young generation has the most spirit in creating innovations and their own businesses among other countries in similar region, South-East Asia.

The event was started with the opening remarks from Mr. Royhan Nevy Wahab, the Economic Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia for the Kingdom of the Netherlands, who represented the Ambassador. It followed with opening remarks by Mrs. Lany Pradjarahardja, the President of IDN-NL and Mrs. Wiwi Tjiook as the Chair of IDN-LC.

After the opening session, the Indonesia Diaspora Network in the Netherlands represented by Mrs. Lany Pradjarahardja, Mrs. Wiwi Tjiook, and Mrs. Yanti Kusumanto handed over two publications made by the network to the Economic Minister Counsellor. The first publication is the Policy Brief of Dealing with Greater Jakarta Floods in Times of Climate Change, which is a joint effort between urban development experts in Indonesia and the Netherlands in giving a policy recommendation for managing floods in the context of global climate change phenomenon. Along with that, the second publication is namely, "Kembali Membangun Tanah Air" (in English: Return to Develop the Country), which is a publication written by Indonesia Scientific Institute/ LIPI, to share initiatives done by Indonesia Diaspora Network in the Netherlands for national development.

The Water Agency representative gave a presentation about Asia Water Challenge (Photo by: The Water Agency).

During this event, there were four panelists from young professionals invited to share their initiatives for national development. Two panelists are Indonesians and the other two panelists come from the Netherlands. In this event, The Water Agency was invited to share one of the company's signature programs which is Asia Water Challenge, a youth capacity building program driven by young professionals as well. 

Asia Water Challenge is an innovative competition for young generation in Asian countries aimed to give contribution to water issues in their countries. The program gives a learning and educational platform for final year of undergraduate students as well as preparing them to enter professional world. In addition to that, the program also gives a chance for businesses to scout great young talents who are passionate about sustainable development.

Learn more about Asia Water Challenge here.

Written by: The Water Agency/Yulia 

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