Tidal Flood Submerged the Surabaya Coastal Area

Banjir-Rungkut-Surabaya Jalan Panjaringan area in Rungkut District, Surabaya City, East Java, was inundated after heavy rains fell on Monday (13/6/2022). (Source: ANTARA/Surabaya Residents Documentation/Ulum)

The coastal area of Surabaya and its surroundings, East Java, was reportedly submerged by high tides or tidal flooding Monday (13/6).

The sea tide reaching the mainland was monitored to be 20-40 centimetres. The Coordinator for Observation and Information of the Tanjung Perak Maritime BMKG in Surabaya, Sutarno, said that one of the areas that was inundated by the tidal flood was the Kalimas area of Surabaya.

"It's true. The tidal flood occurred in the Kalimas area of Surabaya. The height (of the inundation) on the mainland is approximately 20 to 40 centimetres," said Sutarno, when confirmed by CNNIndonesia.com, Monday (13/6). In addition to the Kalimas area or Surabaya Harbor, tidal floods also hit the coasts of East Surabaya and West Surabaya.

Sutarno said that the water level was observed to have started to rise before 09:00 WIB. And it was predicted to recede at 13.00 WIB this afternoon. "Starting at 08.45 WIB the water has started to rise, it is predicted that at 13.00 WIB it has receded," he said. This tidal flood, he said, had an impact on the activities of residents in the port and coastal areas of Surabaya. Several vehicles were reported to have broken down. "Several passing vehicles were observed to have broken down," he said.

Sutarno said the tidal flood also disrupted activities at ports, transportation around the coast, to salt and fish farmers. "Coastal communities should be alert because it interferes with loading and unloading activities at the port, disrupts transportation, then especially salt farmers will also be disturbed," he said.

He also asked the public to remain vigilant for the next few days. This is because the tidal flood is predicted to occur from June 13 to June 17. "It is predicted that from June 13-17, (tidal floods) will still happen," he said.

Tidal flooding is caused by rising sea levels, where water from the coast area inundates the land. This flood is caused by the occurrence of high tides that are higher than the land level.

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