TIRASA hydropower project enhances lives in Indonesia

Established since 2006, Jakarta-based PT Bhakti Putra Bangsa (TIRASA) is a pioneering renewable energy developer. Working with local government and international developers, its vision is to improve electricity access throughout Indonesia to benefit manufacturing, transportation, housing and businesses.

More than 86 million Indonesians still lack basic access to electricity and the country experiences daily blackouts lasting on average four hours a day. TIRASA's vision is to develop 100 MW of small-scale hydropower plants in Indonesia over the next five years, providing 350,000 people and 80,000 homes with electricity.

TIRASA is working in collaboration with Royal HaskoningDHV to achieve this plan. The first of the hydropower projects will consist of two cascaded run-of-river power plants. The 6 MW Karekan Mini Hydropower Plant will be located in central Java, and the 1.2 MW Tempuran Mini Hydropower Plant, will be located nearby on the same river.

Each plant will require the creation of river diverging weirs, sediment traps, a waterway, a forebay, penstocks, power houses with several turbines each, transformer yards, a transmission line to the 20 kV grid, and access roads.
Royal HaskoningDHV's initial task will be a technical review of existing Feasibility Studies for each plant. We will then help TIRASA evaluate and revise each business case to ensure the optimum design, operation and output of each plant. Our team will then undertake detailed design, tender assistance and construction management services.

TIRASA's project will improve lives by creating a sustainable and long term electricity source, giving a helping hand to 350,000 Indonesians who were previously unable to access electricity.

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