Torrential rains trigger flooding in West Aceh's 14 villages

20210330-Tinjau-Banjir-Aceh-Barat-1 West Aceh District Head Haji Ramli MS observed the flood-hit village of Napai in Woyla Barat Sub-district on Tuesday (March 30, 2021). ANTARA/HO-West Aceh District Administration

Source: Antara News
Date: March 31, 2021

Meulaboh, Aceh (ANTARA) - Persistent and heavy downpour lashed various parts of Aceh Province over the past week resulting in floods in 14 villages in West Aceh District on Tuesday.

"The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) reported that high-intensity rains battered many areas in Aceh," West Aceh District Head Ramli M.S. stated.

The flood-hit villages are located in the sub-districts of Woyla Timur, Woyla Barat, and Arongan Lambalek, he remarked, adding that the government will assist those affected.

In certain areas, the floodwaters inundating houses in the affected villages reached one meter in height.

The affected villages comprised Napai, Blang Luah, Alue Leuho, Blang Dalam, Buket Meugajah, Blang Makmu, Gampong Baro KB, Tuwi Eumpeuk, Alue Seuralen, and Blang Luah.

Various parts of Indonesia are prone to natural disasters. Within the initial two months of 2021, several hydrological disasters have struck the islands of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

In Sumatra Island, for instance, flash floods and a landslide damaged seven homes and broke a bridge in Wih Ni Durin Village, Syiah Utama Sub-district, Bener Meriah District, Aceh Province, following incessant heavy rains in the Gayo highland area.

Meanwhile, in Java Island, landslides hit Cihanjuang Village in Cimanggung Sub-district, Sumedang District, West Java Province.

On Feb 7, flash floods also inundated Semarang City's Kota Lama (Old Town) neighborhood and several other areas owing to incessant rains and tidal flooding.

In the island of Kalimantan, massive floods and landslides also hit several parts of South Kalimantan following incessant downpour on January 12, 2021.

The floods affected the districts of Banjar, Tapin, Tabalong, Balangan, and Hulu Sungai Tengah and the cities of Tanah Laut and Banjar Baru.

The massive floods reportedly claimed 15 lives, swamped 24,379 houses, and displaced 39,549 people.

According to Tanah Laut District Head Sukamta, the massive floods also triggered landslides that claimed the lives of five residents.

The landslides struck the Guntung Besar Village and Gunung Keramaian area of Panggung Baru Village in Pelaihari Sub-district, Sukamta stated.

The floods also toppled two bridges connecting the areas of Angsau and Pabahanan sub-districts as well the Kurau and Takisung sub-districts, he remarked.

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