UNESCO in an Effort to Strengthen the Science Networks Collaboration


Strengthening the Collaboration among Science Networks in Asia and the Pacific (SCAN-AP) is a program initiated by UNESCO and invited many partners to discuss the issues of disaster and water. The SCAN-AP held in Ayana Midplaza, Jakarta, Indonesia, from 7-9 November 2022.

The opening remarks were delivered by the Director of UNESCO Jakarta, Mohamed Djelid and followed by Ms Valerie Julliand as the UN Resident Coordinator Indonesia and Ms Okamura Naoko as the Director-General for International Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The event was attended by representatives from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Timor Leste, India, Japan, and Vietnam, who were members of the UNESCO Asia Pacific Bureau. The winning team of UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2022 from Indonesia which is Alpha Team – Afiya, Anysah, Mufti, Luqman, Tiara – and Vietnam which is Aquam1an Team – Cat Vy Huynh, Na Vo Thi, Nguyễn Nhật Thoại, Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh, Pham Thi Thu Trang – also had the opportunities to attend this event and meet some new network there.

Stronger Together: Partnership & Collaboration

During the first and second days, there are various activities including workshops and World Café. Since the event was conducted in hybrid mode, there are speakers and participants joining online. Even though people joined online, they still got the euphoria of the event. The World Café enhanced the dialogue between participants. Topics included Integrated Water Resource Management, Science Communication for Disaster Risk Reduction, Awareness Raising and Capacity Development in Climate Change Mitigation, Sustainable Use of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: land, coastal, marine. In workshops and World Café sessions, participants got some insights and exchanged their ideas with one another.

Experiencing the Beauty of Cibodas Biosphere Reserve

The series of this meeting ended with a visit to Cibodas Biosphere Reserve where participants were able to experience the beauty of nature there. There are many spots visited. The first one is Lake Situgunung, where participants are presented with the natural phenomenon of natural water absorption which is said to be full of legends from the local community. Birds chirping and primate activities seem to complement the entertainment of nature lovers. Then there are locals presenting many materials consisting of Management of Ecosystem Services, Celebration of the International Day of Biosphere Reserves, Submission of Branding Certificates for Biosphere Reserves and Product Certificates for Cibodas Biosphere Reserves for Development of Eco-Friendly Nature Tourism (Valley). The group's final destination was the spot Valley Purba Suspension Bridge, which is still the belle of the delegation's visit. The bridge, which has been named the longest in Southeast Asia, presents an impression of sensation, positivity and adrenaline for the participants. 

Written by: The Water Agency/Elvira 

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