Water Crisis in North Jakarta

61d78c947e61a Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria when met at DKI Jakarta City Hall, Thursday (6/1/3022) night. Photo by: KOMPAS.com/SINGGIH WIRYONO

 JakartaSource: KOMPAS
Date: January 16, 2022

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria, said that the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will ensure that no more residents of North Jakarta experience a clean water crisis. 

He said, Jakarta is the capital city, there should be no area that has a clean water crisis. "This is the capital city of Jakarta, we make sure that there are no residents who have difficulty getting clean water," Riza said in a voice recording, Sunday (16/1/2022). 

Riza said that water problems in northern Jakarta often occur because of the geographical structure that is often affected by tidal floods and is close to the sea. 

Therefore, said Riza, residents have difficulty getting clean water from groundwater there. So that this incident does not happen again, Riza said the DKI Provincial Government will maximize the installation of piping to supply clean water in the North Jakarta area. 

 "We make sure that all residents of Jakarta, including those in the north, will have no trouble getting clean water," said Riza. 

He also asked residents who are experiencing problems with clean water to report to the local village head so that emergency measures can be taken immediately. "If there are residents who are having difficulties, please report them to the local village," said Riza. 

For information, residents of RT 007 RW 015 of Kampung Baru Kubur have experienced a water crisis for months, Penjaringan Village, North Jakarta. 

A resident named In Nyo said the water that came out of the pipeline smelled like carrion and was unfit for use, either for bathing or consumption. 

Apart from the smell, the water is also black in color and far from the criteria for use as water for daily consumption. 

"I didn't take a bath, I was annoyed. We didn't have water but we kept paying for it," he said to KOMPAS, last Thursday (6/1/2022). 

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