Wells in Simbangkulon are Polluted, Pekalongan Indonesian Red Cross Supplies Clean Water

relawan-pmi-kabupaten-pekalongan-suplai-air-bersih-di-kelurahan-simbangkulon Photo by: TRIBUNJATENG/INDRA DWI PURNOMO

Date: March 7, 2022

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, KAJEN - The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Pekalongan Regency distributed clean water assistance to residents of Simbangkulon Village, Buaran District, Pekalongan Regency, Central Java, Sunday (6/3/2022) afternoon.

The distribution of clean water needed to be done because the water in their house's wells is colored. It is suspected that the water from the well was contaminated with batik waste due to the unfinished drain. Kintoko Yuda, a volunteer for PMI Pekalongan Regency, said that the supply of clean water was due to the demand for clean water by residents in the Simbangkulon Village area, Buaran District. He revealed that 9,000 liters were supplied in Simbangkulon Village, Buaran District.

"There are two points that are supplied with clean water. BPBD brings first 4,000 liters of clean water at the point. Meanwhile, PMI distributed 5,000 liters at the second point," he wrote. The plan is that the supply of clean water for daily needs will be carried out twice a week.

"This is the first supply of clean water. Currently, it is still in accordance with the needs of the residents. If the demand increases, the residents will be rationed for their clean water," he added.

Meanwhile, Misbahudin (40), a resident of RT 15 RW 5, Simbangkulon said that the clean water supply was very helpful for the residents. Especially for household needs such as drinking and cooking. "Hopefully, PMI will routinely provide clean water assistance to provide polluted wastewater," he said.

Misbah said that his well water had been exposed to waste since the construction of a water duct was started. "In less than 3 months, the water from the well has turned blackish red," he wrote. Prior to the assistance, he met his daily water needs such as washing, drinking, and cooking and had to buy gallon refills of water. The refill of water per gallon is Rp. 5000, while what is needed for daily needs is 4 gallons.

"This clean water aid will be used for cooking. As for the water for bathing, I still use the polluted well water. The trick is to collect the well water first in a bucket. Then, let it sit for a while. Then I take it carefully. above," he added.

Misbahudin revealed that the cause of this was due to the existing water duct project in the village.

"Since there was a development project in the village, batik waste has entered the well. Previously, it had never happened that the well water had turned color," he wrote. Then, when asked whether it was not itchy to take a bath using water contaminated with sewage, he admitted that he had itching after bathing in the black water.

"If the problem is itching, after taking a shower using cloudy water, it does feel itchy, but what else can we do?" he added. He admitted that he had reported to the related district officer, the impact of the well affected by the development project.

Saifuddin (47), a resident of RT 15 RW 5, Simbangkulon, Buaran District, Pekalongan Regency, felt the same way, that he had to take refuge at the house of his parents-in-law or relatives since the water in his well turned black.

"I feel the same as Pak Misbah for 3 months. We drink and cook using gallon water, when my wife and I take a bath, we go to our in-laws or relatives," said Saifuddin (47) a resident of RT 15 RW 5, They suspect that the cause of this case is due to the construction of a water duct project in Simbang Kulon. Projects that have not been completed have made the waterways not smooth.

"The biggest change is the water, the well water which is the source of my life is now blackened. So, it is not possible to bathe and wash," he said.

According to him, the residents' wells have been polluted since the water duct project started. Before there was a project, it never happened.

"In the past, even though there was batik production, the water ran smoothly without a problem. Now, the drains are clogged, the water was stagnant, and finally overflowed the residents' wells next to the ditch," he said. Then, when asked whether to not use a water source from Pamsimas, he explained, Pamsimas in the district had jammed for unknown reasons. 

"All this time I was confused about where to complain? Incidentally, there was a friend who I own my house has black water and how come the song was made so crowded in the WA group."

"Continue to add, journalists who came here I was shocked and I did not dare to report were because I did not know where to report," he added.

The same thing happened in RT 20 RW 7. The head of RT 20 Ali Syukron (42) said that recently some residents complained because the water in their houses had become colored.

"One or two people have complained to me. But I don't know if the others feel it too or not." 

"As the head of the RT, I feel called to be because my residents are affected. I have anticipated finding a solution so that they are not affected. Unfinished waterways and still in the form of soil, if exposed to wastewater it will seep. I've tried to cover it by casting it," he said

Ali revealed that the project is a water channel project or a regional scale. According to him, at the project meeting, the target was 11 months. It should have been done by the end of February, but it hasn't. The impact of this project is that batik waste enters residents' wells.

"I once attended a meeting related to the water channel project in Simbang Kulon or to be precise in gangs 1,2,3, and 4. This project is to create and separate household sewers and sewers," he said.

According to him, it is estimated that in RT 20 there are dozens of residents whose wells are affected. However, not all affected residents reported to him.

"People don't even know where to report. Residents, their names are equally needed. I have reported to the village. We are asked to be patient because the project is still running," he said.

Separately, the Regional Secretary for Pekalongan Regency, Yulian Akbar, said the project was a Kotaku program from the central government. So that the problems that arise are the shared responsibility of the central and local governments that must be solved.

"We have to solve this problem. We will invite the satker, the Regional Settlement Infrastructure Center in Central Java PU, the operator PT Haka, and the technical consultant. We will invite it," he said.

His party explained that the project will be completed until March 2022. However, the authority for project extension is at the center. It is likely to be extended until April or May 2022.

"For emergency handling of residents who have difficulty getting clean water due to their wells being polluted, the Regional Secretary emphasized that that day they will also coordinate with BPBD and PDAM to help drop clean water in affected areas," he added. (Dro)

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