Wetlands in The Present Time


 February is the month when the entire world celebrates the wetland environment. This year, we will dedicate our attention to pursuing "Wetlands Action for People and Nature", highlighting the value of the action to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands for human and global health.

Before we get into action, let's learn about the different types of wetlands and recognize that we've probably seen a lot of them in our lives. Have we missed it with a glimpse? Have we noticed it well enough to take action to protect it?

Now that we have learned about the different types of wetlands, it's time to learn about their contribution to the ecosystem. In fact, 1 acre of wetlands can hold 1-1.5 million gallons of floodwater, and peatlands (a type of wetland) provide 85% of all drinking water in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Wetlands, on the other hand, pose challenges and can have adverse consequences if not properly managed. What precisely are they?

COP26 (Conferences of Parties 26) is the name of the global climate summit, held in Glasgow in October 2021. It was the moment for countries to revived their climate pledges made under the 2015 Paris Agreement.

How are wetlands discussed in the COP26? 

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